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    Good points A_1

    I have put up a poll to gauge the communities view.

    I do feel there is a need for the DS and PSP to be covered by us. I for one feel they need their own "Handheld" group. Again I think this is a player base that have been left wanting.

    Does the iPhone / iPad / mobile devices have a home with these two, or do they need a focus of their own as well? Do they have a place in our Division.

    Hopefully the community will tell us over the next seven days. Lets watch this run it's course and then see what we should do about another Squad Leader. If it is found that a "Handheld" Squad Leader is needed then that might be the place Exploit could fit ... and still cover what I mentioned above.

    That being said, I will put a shout out to fill the role (if the role is needed) and he will need to apply in that group. Then we as a group will decide who should fill the role. My opinion will carry no more weight than any one else.

    Your thoughts on this?
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    On the selection of an appropriate person I have no comment to make as I follow your lead on this one.

    Their have been posts previously about PSP and DS so you might be right and it could be time for a Hand Held section.

    Why not in the Console forum. The more the merrier I say.

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