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    From the official site:

    A Short History of Ganedan

    Since as far back as anyone I've ever met can remember, Ganedan has been in conflict. This is nothing unnatural. All lands have war. War transcends all barriers of species, race, religion, and civilization. But few realms fight as fiercely or for as long as we have.

    I've traveled all over this beautiful land, and from what I can tell, it started with only a few small conflicts. Fledgling kingdoms bumped elbows as they reached out to establish the extent of their borders. Intolerance and ignorance turned these skirmishes into outright feuds and, as the domains became stronger, so did an acute awareness of their territory.

    Elves and humans inflicted more damage upon one another's lands more than anyone else. Dwarves preferred their mountains; cyclopes had long since adapted to the frigid northern climes, and the introspective gnomes had no desire for expansion.

    The Chasm

    But it was not long before the flame that had taken hold of the humans and elves spread to their neighbours as well. Humans, elves, dwarves, and cyclops fell into fighting and gave rise to what would become known as the Empire War.

    The war shifted back and forth for years, with the battle lines blurring and constantly changing. Alliances were switched so many times that no one ever really gained a lasting advantage. Eventually, all armies gathered for one decisive conflict in the northern mountains.

    That war was our undoing. The greatest archmages of the time invoked powerful spells and launched them across the rocky landscape at the opposing armies. Their magic went beyond their control and changed into something never seen before. So much bloodshed and hatred gathered in one place, it was as if all that ill will had gained a life of its own. And then it destroyed them. Nothing could withstand that much raw power. Entire mountains were splintered, death spewed into the sky like a gigantic black storm front, and the gathered armies were obliterated.

    The destruction in the Sorrowlands had created a rift into a nightmarish realm that we later came to know as Nadirak. The first random creatures who had wandered through the rift weren't much more than an annoyance, but the native beings of that place had seen our world and were gearing up to invade. The creatures beyond saw our lands, rich with life, and hungered to take them as their own. The rift continued to grow and became the Chasm, a gigantic fortified crater that stood at the center of the Empire War disaster.

    The Empire War ended in neither truce nor victory. Only a few hundred on each side survived the final battle. They scurried back to the safety of their homelands, all thoughts of conflict having died with their companions in the north. Ganedan settled into a peace born of adversaries who were just too hurt and tired to continue fighting anymore.

    Unfortunately, war itself proved much harder to kill than the thousands of soldiers who once served it. Not long after the tragedy in the newly-dubbed Sorrowlands, aggressive new creatures began appearing in the wilderness. These beasts were unlike anything that had ever walked the face of Ganedan before and, within months, we understood why.

    We would never have stood a chance were it not for a small twist of fate in our favor. Before the dread overlords of Nadirak discovered our world, the lowliest of their slaves saw a place of freedom and happiness. When preparations for the invasion began, the imps took a chance on their freedom and escaped, immediately bringing news of the impending attack to our world leaders.

    The fledgling peace between our races solidified within weeks with a universal peace agreement. All leaders agreed that their only chance of survival would be to band together, although not all shared this view. The combined efforts of all nations were focused on the creation of defensive structures and on preparation for battle. After only a brief respite, war had returned to Ganedan with a vengeance.

    In exchange for their assistance and all the information they could provide about the attack, the imps were granted a small region of contested land and the freedom to live there. This first taste of true freedom meant so much to them that they were more than willing to fight their former masters in a bid to keep it.

    The aftermath of the Empire War had left few soldiers, and our new imp allies only slightly offset this weakness. Fortunately, changes to the magical nature of Ganedan had led to wondrous discoveries. People began appearing who claimed to have returned from the dead. Somehow, lost souls from the Empire War have been coming back to protect their world, and with them has come the knowledge of how to resurrect the recently slain.

    Bolstered by this new influx of forces, the peoples of Ganedan stand ready to fend off the threat of the Nadirak. We have suffered much for this land and we will not surrender it without a fight.

    - Kitterwen, Chief Historian of Ignilly University

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