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Discussion in 'MMORPG Games: The Realms' started by Fox, Feb 7, 2004.

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    With so many MMORPG's in the pipeline, how do you decide what gets your money?

    What features do you look for? What makes one MMORPG better than another? The graphics? PvP? Quests? Crafting? Price? The genre` (medieval/futuristic)? Races?

    When looking at the feature list, what do you truely look for?
  2. Janus

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    Feb 16, 2003
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    Um.. wetting my finger and putting it in the electrical socket..?

    To answer your other questions though, mainly content, and the source material.

    Star Wars Galaxies was my first ever MMORPG. I used to MUD a bit in my Uni days, to the detriment of my studies, sometimes, and always knew that I would be interested in an MMORPG - basically a MUD with a GUI, right?

    So Everquest did prick my interest when it first came out. Until I had a closer look at it. It *was* a MUD with a GUI! Chasing levels, camping spawns for that one super weapon, etc. I'd had enough of that in my MUDding days - I'd made my 100-odd Hero levels there already.

    So I didn't play Everquest. Nor any of the other ones that came out later on - partly due to domestic circumstances - moving from place to place, and not having a steady and regular income tends to put a damper on any MMORPG aspirations.

    After having settled into one place, with job and other domestic stuff steady for the foreseeable future, I started looking at MMORPGs again. Then caught SWG. And thought: Might as well wait for SWG to be released, and play my MMORPG there. Star Wars, and MMORPG. Good combo to start with!

    I've signed up for a Beta - see other thread in this forum - just on the off chance that I'd get into one, to see what that is like. Will I keep playing that one? Who knows. Depends how much I like it, I guess.

    The only other MMORPG on the horizon is Dungeons & Dragons Online. I used to play pen and paper roleplaying with my friends on a fairly regular basis - until I moved interstate. Loved the AD&D world, and all the interesting things therein. So, my MMORPG outlook will be Star Wars Galaxies until D&D Online is released, then jump ship over there. The only reservation about D&D Online that I have (and this is without knowing much about the game) is classes. Will I be stuck with the one class (or multiclass) for the life of my character? This is one of the beauties about SWG - you can change your mind, and your character's profession, as many times as you like. But then, even if I couldn't change my character's profession, that's ok too. Because it's D&D. :)

    From what I've read around here, there's a few other TOGs who are looking forward to D&D Online - so I'm thinking that there will definitely be a TOG D&D Online Division!
  3. Karmajay

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    Content and direction.

    I'd like to jump on and be able to accomplish something or a goal.

    Something important is LEVELING should not be that goal. I would like to be doing other things, and then 'oh look, I leveled up!' happen.

    Who calls making 2147 BEC's fun so you can get to making something else, etc.

    That is why it seems like WOW looks pretty good so far.
  4. Choos

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    The ability to jump on and achieve something when you have the time for it and not feel like you get left behind because you work/sleep/see friends.

    While it's fantastic to have huge areas to discover a means of transport plus a fast ground speed (Unreal Tournament speed rather than BF1942) are essential to make me want to come back. For the time I could put into a MMORPG I don't want to be walking for half of it and wearing out my finger.

    If it's a clunky interface when fighting (ie you need to keep using the keyboard) for the speed of your imput into combat (ie continually pressing the punch button) to be moderated.

    The ability to have multiple characters so you can reserve some for team play only.

    I am currently in the beta for city of heroes and it does seem to cater for my wants in playing in those things mentioned.
  5. Delim

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    Jul 15, 2003
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    I look for a game with long term goals that are difficult to accomplish and once established difficult to remove. I very much liked the premise of shadowbane. Except that once the goals were achieved (building a city and an army) your city could literally be devoured in an hour by a zerg of players. I like the idea of politics and war and seige, where teamwork and dedication are necessary.

    I need a game that has character development that isnt simply through repeatedly kill the same monsters over and over again. I love MMorpg's and one day im sure they will be so excellent that it wont be necessary to game hop every few months.

    Unlike others I loved eq! I mean it was the best thing to me ever in a game. I enjoyed the pvp aspect and the unique ways you could outfit your character. What would have made that game for me was more unique items that were race related and could make made to be customized through a tradeskill. Better developed tradeskills and of course alternative ways of advancing other then killing 100 million frogs in lower guk. The quests were improving and some were quite fun and challenging.
    So to sum, I am looking for a game that is difficult to achieve in, once you do achieve Id like to see something semi permanent that is worth defending and has numerous trades that are necessary to keep it together. There also needs to be some sort pvp and seige involved.

    So here is my semi ideal game. Character outfitting that has hundreds of customizable armor and weapons. Player city building that involves numerous highly skilled artisan/cratfer classes each with their own needed area of expertise. An advanced political system where negotiation and teamwork are necessary and seige capabilities that allow city versus city warfare. Ideally spells would have to be aimed as well!

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