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    It's set in a distant future where the solar system is in conflict between a number of factions.
    • There's the Grineer (militarized clones)
    • The mega-corp merchant cult of Corpus (advanced robot and laser tech)
    • The Infested (victims that have fallen under the scourge of the technocyte virus)
    • The Tenno - the players (guided by the lotus to bring about some sense of order in the origin system )
    The gameplay takes part on planets throughout the solar system.

    Each planet is broken up into sectors that usually have a defined objective. Each sector has a randomdized tileset design, where the players can go solo or join with up to 3 others to complete that particular map.

    The look:

    The players are active in the game in a sci-fi looking combat suit (visualise a bio-ninja looking iron man) that covers them head to toe and supports customisations of colour, skins, helmet appearance options and armor attachments.
    Each combat suit (called a warframe) has the potential for up to 4 abilities unique to that warframe and is able to carry a primary , a secondary, a melee weapon as well as a companion type of pet.

    Players can rank up their warframe and equipment through a variety of options in the game and customise all their equipment through a modding system.
    Players can gain additional warframes, weapons and companions through a dropped blueprint system. Blueprints and items are gained from game bosses, through content quests, the game market, other players or research.

    Gameplay, community and systems

    Players can form a guild like group called a Clan and Clans can link together in an Alliance
    There is an element of non-forced pvp in the game that currently is purely for fun or for competition between the major alliances.
    The game system is mostly free to play with some customisation options open only to purchase with market currency.
    The trade system in game allows the option of gaining market currency through a trade with another player.
    The game is on the PC , Ps4 and the Xbox one.

    TOG community

    The TOG members playing the game currently are mostly oceanic based and on the PC. There are a few players from the US and some who have also stated that they are playing it on the PS4.
    The game has had a good injection of players since the 14th update. Previously the TOG presence has fluctuated up and down in between major game events.
    We have a TOG teamspeak channel formed with a good percentage of our active players on each day, with peak times around 19:00-22:00 AEST. Being a mostly PvE game, it's a friendly atmosphere where players are more than happy to help one another out and have a few laughs.

    Forum links

    TOG has a warframe pubic forum and a private division forum.
    Warframe public forum
    Warframe Division forum

    The warframe game forums have a lower than average percentage of unsavory forum posting types. It also has helpful sections where players help other players and the devs are always trying to work with the players to sort out issues or to ensure that the game is fun for all.

    Special game requirements and considerations.

    Players don't really require an uber system to play the game if they are on the PC. The game sessions are hosted client side though, so a PC able to handle multiple connections is something to consider if you're taking the lead all the time.

    Member numbers

    Currently the clan is limited to 100 members and currently we have a consistant 15-35 active members logging in during the week and quite a few guys in team speak every oceanic prime time evenings + weekends.

    Other Links
    warframe wiki
    warframe web site
    warframe forums may require a log in

    check out our invite thread if you are interesting in joining.

    thanks again :)

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