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    I explain to most people that Ingress is a type of geo-sync/augmented reality game that you play on your mobile device. It may not technically meet that definition, but its close enough for most people. Basically the game's premise is that there is an 'over-lay' of portals over real life objects in the environment, like bridges, sculptures and the like, and 2 teams vie for control over these portals.

    There is a detailed backstory detailing the narrative, and the story is open-ended meaning that more details or story are released from time to time.

    The Ingress Wikipedia page has some good introductory information:


    also check out: https://thetechnag.me/2015/02/18/ingress-you-only-think-its-a-game/

    There are also a tonne of youtube videos these days detailing the game, strategy and tips and 'official' in-game narrative media videos.

    Ingress is free to play - https://www.ingress.com/ I have been playing since around mid-2015 and haven't paid a cent or had any annoying marketing. They do have a few items released recently that are paid for, but none of these are necessary in order to play the game at all. They also make money from sponsored items, so a couple of businesses have had rare objects/pick-ups named after them. Again, I have never felt this to be an issue and I personally detest most advertising when its thrust in my face.

    Ingress is a game of community, where team work is recommended. There are many smaller Ingress community groups around the world https://www.ingress.com/community/directory that you can join if you want to. I have met some good people in my area around Brisbane. Having said that, team work is not mandatory and I would guess there are many who choose to play lone-wolf. Where I play, my team communicate often via Slack (https://slack.com/) and I would guess other local teams probably do something quite similar. There are also active community groups via the Google communities (Ingress was owned by Google in the past).

    One of the core ideas that I liked about Ingress is its designed for activity. There are stories of people playing who have lost a heap of weight through Ingress as they use it as an extra incentive to exercise. For some TOGgers, this gamification of physical activity might be a good thing!!

    Apparently, there are around 7 million people playing worldwide. I know of whole families playing together too. Now, if only I could get my wife playing.... :rolleyes:

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