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    How's it going everyone,

    Hope your holidays were merry and joyous and you had time to spend with family and loved ones and if your lucky a few of your loved games be them cheeky new ones or old flames nothing like a good gaming session to release some stress during the holiday season. We aren't here to talk about the good sessions though, oh no, we are here to talk about what grinds our gears! What really peeves us and irks us the wrong way about games.

    Its been 2 years since the last post so lets get the gears turning again

    You know what really grinds my gears?

    People who purposefully join games just to be dicks. I can understand being an accidental one, like maybe friendly fire was on and you threw a grenade which took out half your team, its a dick move but I'll let it slide as maybe a one off BUT if you do it a second time with not so much as a sorry or anything your being a dick.

    On that subject, playing ArmA II last night. Alot of you who know me know I have a love/hate relationship with ArmA II. All fine and dandy no worries, two guys join suddenly alot of team mates are dying I chalk it up to them being attacked so I drive over in a humvee to assist. I get their and see 5 of our players dead, no shooting and two of our guys left one in a ural (truck) and one on foot. I ask if all the enemies had been taken out, they said not all of them, suddenly the guy on foot shoots out my tyres, I cant move so I get out of the car have a go at him saying what the hell! He shoots me in the leg so now im crippled so I shoot him in the leg, the guy in the Ural runs me over then they call for the admin to try and get me kicked for team killing when I hadn't. I called them out on it and it was two against one and no proof that anyone teamkilled the other (Vehicle kills don't count to your kill score it just says "*insert name here* has been killed") even though the five other players who had died were agreeing with me, all they got was a warning to which they continued running over their own team mates and nothing was done about it. That's a dick move on both them and the admin at the time.

    That's my rant for today, share your gaming rants and pet peeves! I'm not running a contest so theirs no prizes or gifts for the most insane rant, the only gift you get is that its off your chest and you never know, alot of people could agree with you.
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