3DS: What are some great Nintendo 3DS games?

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    The best games on the 3ds , in my opinion, by far are the Pokemon games (nintendo 3ds games) on the system, Kid Icarus: Uprising (This game has a wonky control scheme and left handed people play it better with a circle pad pro but you can get used to it easily) ,and Fire Emblem: Awakening (Fates has three sides that you can download, but conquest and revelation obviously have more attention put into birthright, and Echoes has it so you play as two teams (Alm and Celica) , but due to the design, Alm’s team is much stronger than Celica’s is, and some important story content is missing, so I didn’t include them, but they are great games, just not as good as Awakening) . These games alone are worth the system.
    What are some great Nintendo 3DS games?

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