What an Awesome Guild Hall Claiming Event!

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    Firstly, a big thank you to the 95 (ish) people that turned up for the Guild Hall Expedition :)

    In case that didn't sink in the first time, I did say 95 people, and that was just on TS :eek:

    Everyone was very patient and understanding about the time taken to organise getting that many people into the Guild Hall Instance, we filled 2 Verdant Brink map instances just to run people to the entrance :eek:


    That's a lot of TOGers in one place :)


    Turns out that the scaling of the event with 100 people in the instance was not optimal, after 2 resets of the instance we realised that there were simply too many Mordrem Maws spawning for us to co-ordinate their death within the 3.5 min window, not to mention that we had to do that 5 times.

    After several hours worth of attempts we took a break and made the difficult decision to continue with a smaller group. I have to say that I was amazed with the dedication of the guild, virtually everyone who started at the beginning was still there plus a few late comers.

    We ended up with around 30 people who were determined to see it through and gave it another go. We immediately started making progress as the number of Mordrem Maws reduced considerably, proving that the scaling was our main problem.

    We still had problems doing all 5 waves and eventually reduced our numbers to about 18 people which left us with only 2 Mordrem Maws spawning for each wave.

    This made an enormous difference and we managed to defeat the 5 waves we needed and stage 2 spawned only 1 legendary boss.

    At this point we encouraged more people to return to get the final experience of claiming the Guild Hall and killed the Legendary boss on the first attempt.


    After the cheering died down we put the word out to the guild and got as many people as we could back in to the instance for the final Guild Hall Claiming event


    To say that Sebbie was extremely happy & proud of the Guild is a massive understatement ...


    Thanks to the efforts of our officers & the generous donations from many guildies we were instantly able to open up the Tavern & the Mine shortly after.




    I have to say I have leaned a lot about gliding & updrafts trying to get around the massive Guild Hall map to the random Mordrem Maw spawn points, the gliding mechanic made us feel like a team of commandos parachuting into enemy territory :D

    This was a massive achievement guys, Sebbie & I would like to thank all our officers for the time and effort they have put in and all the guildies for being awesome, patient & generous. I am deliberately not mentioning names as someone would inevitably be left out so THANK YOU everyone.

    I'm glad so many people got to experience various parts of the adventure to claim our first Guild Hall, I'm really sorry to those that missed out but the fact that we had 100 people online at once means we at least made it available to the masses.


    You guys have just proven what an amazing gaming community TOG is :bigthumbsup:
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