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    We're planning to do weekly mini events to assist people completing goals.

    Some of the ideas that have been discussed are:

    • Planet clearing night - to assist people finishing off certain planets.
    • Prime frame farming night - to farm for one particular prime frame.
    • Hydroid farming night - to farm for hydroid.
    • Nekros farming night - to kill Lephantis and farm nekros parts.
    • Gustrag 3 bait night - to get on the kill list for grineer and try to attract the G3.
    • Corrupted and/or nightmare mods night - to collect some of these special mods.
    • Kubrow farming night - to collect eggs and kubrow mods.

    Please check out details for events as they are planned each week by heading over to the warframe private division.

    If you have any other cool ideas, please don't hesitate to post em up and we'll add them to the list ;)


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