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    There's a new thread in the private FPS section and the topic is covering some options with the best way to go about expanding our member cap.

    Currently the warframe clan that is running is a Shadow tier clan. This is the 2nd tier of clan size with a maximum membership of 30.

    A few things to note when upgrading the tier of a clan.

    • As the clan tier increases, so does the membership cap.
    • As the clan tier increases, so does the resource cost for researching clan based tech and content.
    • You cannot downgrade a clan to a lower tier.
    So if you go nuts and upgrade the tier of a clan to a point where the member cap is a lot higher than the active members, you'll find it to be a very rough time researching and creating things in the dojo.

    This is why there is hesitation in upgrading the current warframe clan from tier 2 to tier 3.

    Discussion is in the private thread with options for expanding the TOG clan player base, maintaining equal opportunity for the players in gaining access to dojo tech and content, ensuring that what we do does not make it harder for future players, and making sure that what we do is in the spirit of TOG.

    FPS private thread post link here

    Please check it out, have a say and ask questions if you have time.

    cheers ;)


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