[UT3] Wall hacks and cheats?

Discussion in 'Shooter Games: The Range' started by Ange, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Ange

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    Mar 27, 2008
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Ive just grabed UT3 game and one thing I noticed is the remakable shots certain players are doing. I would say a little to remakable, is their alot of wall hacks and cheating in this game?

    If so any servers I should stay away from and what servers are safe?

  2. plebc

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    Aug 29, 2005
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    i don't know so much about hacking, although for sure people use key binds to do stuff. i do know loads of dudes are heaps better than me. re servers - anywhere you can find other people playing seems a good place to go.

    other than that, the update is due this week, so a few of us should be out and about playing. play with us, we tend to be all pretty average.
  3. Ned

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    Oct 2, 2003
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    Qld Australia
    some notes regarding this topic...

    Gaming for some people is more than just a game and many many hours are put in to becoming VERY good. This plus some natural talent and you have someone that can do remarkable moves and shots.

    And then there are those that cheat. Some easy to find and cheap cheats are easily noticable but many aren't. DO NOT accuse anyone of cheating without proof or you will just embarrass yourself.


    No server is 100% safe.

    Cheating is here to stay. There are some anti-cheat setups around that minimise exploits and hacks etc but UT3 is yet to utilise anything strong. The best around, in my opinion is Punkbuster.

    One way to stay safe is to try to play with friends by stacking public servers or even booking one so you can password it and just have friends play. We have occassional pub-stacks organised here. Hang around the forum and see when they are. In my opinion, just jump into servers and play. Enjoy the time for what it is... a game :)

    Two ways to keep in touch with gaming friends that play UT3 are Steam (download middle left) and Xfire.

    A word of advice from a veteran FPS player. If you can't handle the fact there are cheaters out there and it gets you down then for your own sake get another hobby and leave online gaming. I've seen many players (even friends) turn into something quite negative with regard to this topic.

    Play the games and enjoy them :)
    If it's no longer fun, walk away.

    Thread locked. Query answered. There's nothing more to say about this topic (at least not in this forum). If anyone wants to comment in this thread then PM me. Non-cheating related questions regarding the contents of this post can answered in a new thread.

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