Under water structures

Discussion in 'Minecraft (Public)' started by Fox, Feb 15, 2013.

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    my underwater world was water to start I'm slowly building it all in, I use dirt to fill the glass areas and take the water out Daz helps me with that side of things :) feel free to come visit if you haven't already :)
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    I have a few underwater domes on frontier. I used the fence post method with jackolanterns for light. Started in one corner set 2 posts on top of each other. Lay out some of the base wall with a small entrance. Go around the building laying a couple fence posts again every so often. 4-6 is what I usually use.

    Once have a nice frame/dome/etc, enter where we left a doorway. Fill the inside with sand over dirt. Use torches to speed remove the sand. It can still be pretty slow to remove the water inside sometimes, but seems a good method.

    On frontier I have 3 underwater domes in the ocean for animals, my cattle dome works pretty well for me :)

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