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    Ahoy Toggers,

    While waiting for Square Enix to turn the 10GB on my hard disk into an actual game I have been roaming the wonderful world of free to play. In the process I found Uncharted Waters Online and have been really enjoying it.

    Name: Uncharted Waters Online
    Homepage: Uncharted Waters Online - Explore, Battle and Conquer to Make History!.
    Genre: Historical
    Style: MMORPG
    Combat Style: Sailing ship combat so kind of slow motion button mashing
    Learning Curve: Complex
    Crafting: Complex
    PVP: voluntary – Haven’t run into it myself but there are “Hostile Waters” in which you can pvp. Kind of similar to POTBS red zones. Killing enough opposition players or NPC’s in the area will either turn on or off the pvp zone.
    Role-Playing: voluntary
    Leveling style: Mixed class based – Three starting classes, Maritime (sea battle), Merchant, and Adventurer (discovery, exploration). Numerous skills associated with each. Can level all and in some cases it is required to have more than one skill at a certain level to do something. For example, the Merchant’s shipbuilding skill requires levels of Maritime to purchase.
    Server Pop: heavy
    Stability: So far it has been excellent for me.

    Immersion: 7/10
    Graphic Quality: 5/10
    Sound Quality: 5/10
    Content Quality: 9/10
    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Brief Description: The game is an historical “simulation” set in the 15th century. You chose a starting nation and train as one of the three classes mentioned above. There is a lengthy tutorial (maybe too lengthy) which starts in your home city and then expands out to other locations. I started in London then went to the Netherlands and then Italy. You can take the tutorials for all three classes and then decide at any point which one to specialize in. You can change classes any time by doing a quest.

    The game has been out in Japan for several years and is just now being introduced as an English language program. The translation, from what I have seen, has been done professionally with proper English. The game may actually still officially be in Beta but you can simply sign up and play. If I had to compare it to something I would say the closest is Voyage Century/Bounty Bay with a little Pirates of the BurningSea thrown in. Graphics are a bit dated but acceptable for me.

    Pros: Lots of content, with the entire world available for exploration and questing.
    Interesting and fairly complex class and leveling system.
    Lots of trading and crafting options (crafting from cooking boiled eggs to building ships)
    Attempt at making the game at least somewhat historically accurate although it does wander off occasionally
    Great tutorial

    Cons: Boring music which is a little too relaxing as you are sailing between cities.
    Graphics a bit dated.
    Hard to make enough money to survive in the early game as a Maritime or Adventurer character.
    Great tutorial that is way too long.

    Other Comments: I have been playing for about a week and really enjoying it. Started as an Adventurer, which I intend to go back to, but switched to trader to make some money. Have covered much of Northern Europe and not headed to Italy. I look forward to getting to the next city to see what I can buy or sell, leveling up crafts and occasionally fighting a pirate.

    Payment options: Free to down load and free to play. Item Mall that at this point only sells things like XP boosts and ship speed boosts (not usable in combat)
    Download Size: 3.2 GB

    If anyone is interested in trying it out I would appreciate it if you signed up through the link below. At level 10 you will get a package of XP and speed boosts and if 4 people make level 10 I get some goodies. :)

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    done, downloading now

    eeew nvm, that game is not for me
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    I thought it was a pretty good game for a F2P. Not enough to keep me playing with so many other great titles out there though. Definitely worth a look though if you're strapped for cash, and you like sailing/exploring.

    The exploring part was the most fun IMO, reminded me of doing 'TP runs' in Entropia. There should be more MMORPGs with exploration/discovery in them. Gives you something different to do when you feel like lowering the pace a little.

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