TOG-made maps/mods/movies for PC shooters

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    TOG-made maps and mods for PC shooters

    = TOG made Movies for PC shooters next post =

    This thread indexes custom maps and mods made for any PC shooter by TOG members.

    Use the TOG-made maps/mods/movies discussion thread to advertise your work or even to ask for testers and help. Feel free to start a new thread if desired. Either way I'll link details from here.


    ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead

    • Operation Clean Sweep Mission by TOG Fox - link -
    -work in progress-

    This co-op mission is a nice 5 person mission with some good asthetics, high tension and dramatic feel/atmosphere to it. Requires ARMA 2

    Call of Duty: United Offensive

    • nedUO v1.1+ mod by TOG Ned - link -

    nedUO is a multiplayer modification originally compiled for rifles only SEARCH AND DESTROY and RETRIEVAL gameplay. BEHIND ENEMY LINES is recommended for smaller servers. Features include no crosshair, reduced spam, increased headshot gore plus much more. Please note Credits. View latest nedUO readme neduo-readme.txt

    Call of Duty 2

    • Maps by TOG hoppy

    • TOG Hardcore Mod by TOG Valtam

    The TOG Custom Hardcore Mod is a private mod (server-side) that can be publically played on one of the TOG CoD2 servers. It's a rewritten modification of the popular AWE mod with adjustments to the code approved by RGN Gamers (current maintainers of the code). The changes are mostly weapon based, increased rate of fire, deadly pistols, increased damage on all weapons. RPG's are available. The Mod is influenced by the Hardcore Mode in CoD4 with the emphasis on quick kills, fast paced action.

    TOG Call of Duty 2 Servers - link -

    Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood

    • crosshair_helper removal mod by TOG Ned - link -

    This does what name suggests, see the screenshots in the above link.

    Doom 3

    • nedDOOM3 [RealDamage] Mod by TOG Ned - link -

    Weapons damage, HUD and gameplay mod. Doom 3 MP ingame voice chat fix included plus more.


    • TOG insignia v1.0 by TOG Adeptus - link - 7KB

    This adds the another option to the many default player insignias used in multiplay.
    The TOG Insignia is installed on my FEAR servers. Contact me is you wish to play.

    Far Cry

    • nedFARCRY [2v2 ASSAULT] server pack by TOG Ned - link -

    A 'balancing' mod for 2v2 Assault gameplay.
    (Will only 'work' with an appropriate server config - examples supplied)

    Far Cry 2

    • Woodland Wonderland map by TOG Ned - link -

    Set on the Zambezi river near an abandoned work site, Woodland Wonderland is a Far Cry 2 custom multiplayer map that supports all gamemodes. The map is not too sniper friendly and the ammo supplies are in one central point of the map to reduce camping domination at map objectives.
    woodland-wonderland-README.txt -

    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough

    • DF_GERMAN_SHOTGUN menu mod by TOG Ned - link -

    Corrects menu graphic when server forces the use of the shotgun instead of the gewehrgranate via dmflags.

    • Portable MG42s removal mod by TOG Ned - link -

    Removes all portable MG42s from all maps. Stationary MG42s remain.

    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

    • Sector Control by TOG Slapstick - link -

    Custom game mode and missions - singleplayer and multiplayer. Currently the missions need to be started with the Editor. TOG forum discussion - here.

    Return to Casltle Wolfenstein

    • te_frostbite No hitler pack by TOG Ned - link -

    This pack gives the client an option not to see the picture of hitler and not to hear his speech in the custom map Frostbite Tournament Edition. This file is NOT a required file even if it's on a server. This is simply an option for a client not to see or hear hitler (if server has no-hitler pack installed).

    SWAT 4

    • reticle mod by TOG Vetinari & TOG Ned - link -

    This small mod alters the SWAT 4 reticle in both singleplayer and multiplayer. The reticle mod will work with:
    -SWAT 4
    -SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate
    -many SWAT 4 Mods eg. Sheriff's Special Forces (SSF) Realism Mod

    Team Fortress 2

    • 2Fort Multipath map by TOG Non Action Man - link -

    Conversion of valve's TF2 ctf_2fort into a multi path payload map.

    Unreal Tournament 2004

    • 3DBuzzInstaGib map by TOG Rubicon - link - 3MB

    Custom Deathmatch map with Instagib in mind.

    • Primeval Remixed map by TOG RnR - link - 2MB

    This is an edited version of the default Onslaught map Primeval (ONS-Primeval). Spider Mines replaced with Lightning Gun.

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  2. Ned

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    Oct 2, 2003
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    TOG made Movies for PC shooters


    TOG Epic Promo movie by TOG Fox
    -multiple shooters featured!-


    ARMA 2

    • ARMA 2 Machinimas by thaFunkster (TOG forum member)
    -thaFunkster's youtube page -

    Reminiscience - link -
    Part war drama, part comedy, and part all round stupidity (Make dance not war!!)

    Reminscience 2 - link -

    A Good Day - link -
    A sad tale.

    Battlefield 2

    • Blaze of Glory by TOG Jakob_Pavlov
    TOG_HH in the semi-finals against AV-PTK

    Battlefield 2142

    • BF 2142 Omen Style by TOG The Omen
    -The Omen's youtube page-

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    • TOG Battlefield: Bad Company 2 promo movie by TOG The Omen
    -The Omen's youtube page-

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    • FAIL-AIM TOG match highlight from a Gamestah demo by TOG Ch!LL
    -Ch!LL's youtube page-

    • COD 4 Clan Movie TOG click
    Welcome to TOG COD4 Division.
    -click's youtube page-

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    • Call of Duty: Black Ops unboxing/gameplay vlog by SMCentral (TOG forum member)

    Combat Arms

    Counter-Strike: Source

    Crysis Wars - MechWarrior: Living Legends Modification

    • MWLL gameplay by TOG Genghoidal
    -Genghoidal's youtube page-

    Day of Defeat: Source

    • TOG Campaign 3 highlights by TOG Kreed
    -Kreed's youtube page-

    Enemy Territory

    Medal of Honor (2010)

    • Some Medal of Honor shotgun fun by Rage032
    -Rage032's youtube page-

    Soldier of Fortune 2

    SWAT 4

    • SWAT 4 promo movie by TOG Fox
    -Fox's youtube page-

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