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Discussion in 'Ingress & Pokemon Go (Public)' started by Tulgar, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Hi all, we are trialing dedicated TOG public (and private) sub-forums for Ingress, as we know we have a quite a few dedicated players in TOG, but it would be also nice to have a place where non-toggers can come and say hi too.

    If there are any over-25 year olds lurking, feel free to apply to join. We are mostly a friendly bunch and you certainly don't have to be a 'gamer' to be part of our community.

    If you see this area a bit sparse, rest assured it will be checked regularly, its just that TOG members are probably posting in the tog members section which non-toggers won't be able to see.

    I am based in Brisbane, and my Ingress name is Tulgar. If you see me around, definitely say hi!

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