Time to give Dirty Bomb another look

Discussion in 'FPS Mess Hall (Public)' started by Lemmywincks, May 20, 2016.

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    This game is a great FPS which I'm surprised not more TOG members are playing considering it's free.
    Today marks the start of season 2 loadout cards, and with it came a whole host of balance changes, which are making the game even more fun.
    The game rewards teamplay and has a great and growing little community here in OZ/NZ.
    Takes a few levels to evaluate the game fully IMHO as you need to earn points in game to unlock Charactors(mercs).
    If you enjoy great one on one gun fights and the odd bit of teamplay then you should check this game out.

    If you're old enough to remember and played the 2003 game of the year Enemy Territory then you'll get into this game, made by the same folk SplashDamage.

    We've got a small TOG presence of 4 involing Gavster, Uberwald, Aussie Disposal and myself, Lemmywincks.

    So if ya wanna see Gavster Tbag me after I've triggered one of his bloody mines then abuse me using the ingame taunt system, give the game a shot.
    Dying can be highly amusing in this game and usually is.

    Hope to see a few of you in there.

  2. BoneInspector

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    Sydney Australia
    There are a few players, have a chat to sj777 on forums
  3. OzRecon

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    Bouncing over your head emptying a mag into you
    Yeah to be honest I prefer Dirty Bomb to Overwatch. Well worth a look.

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