Thorn Bounty

Discussion in 'Destiny (Public)' started by Ancient_One, Oct 7, 2016.

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    Just picked up the Thorn Exotic Bounty after 10 Shiro (Vanguard Bounty) completions. I don't believe the normal bounties give it to you although people say it does.

    I only run 1 character these days deleted the other two. Just run a Hunter as my main.

    Worst part is still the Void kills in Crucible and especially if you no longer have Atheons Epilogue (Auto Rifle) from Vault of Glass Raid and Word of Crota (Hand Cannon) Crota's End Raid. I've only managed about 12% in 6 games trying to use my Void Fusion and Rocket launcher in Iron Banner. Very slow progress.

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    I have done 14 bounties for Shiro so far still not seen Thorn Bounty pop up.. Again Bungie doing stupid things with this like year 1 when they had to fix bounty drop rate ..

    For the void part in crucible i think doing a game mode like Mayhem were heavy weapons ammo re-spawns very quickly would help

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