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    Didn't see ESO online thread so I posted this on general mmo discussions.....Getting Desperate.....Re-installed retail version of game..Can't sign in to game....even requested new password....Can sign in to account online but can';t sign into game...find tech support

    Can't go to forums because no invite ..Yuch!

    Why password only works for getting into account has me puzzled.
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    Hi, mate. Sorry for the delayed response. I just noticed your post in the public ESO area.

    Here are some links that may help. I hope they do.

    One of ESO's 'help' pages: What to do if...
    ESO's account recovery page: Support | The Elder Scrolls Online
    Steam page Q/A for game login problems: Can't log into ESO :: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited English
    Just in case the Steam link has a bingo, here is a ZOS quote from there:​

    I'll try to keep a watchful eye for new posts in this thread. Again, my apologies for not seeing it earlier.
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