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    This forum mainly discusses FPS games. Non-FPS Shooters eg. Third-Person and Plan-View Shooters are also discussed here. Enjoy!


    Welcome to TOG's public 'Shooter Games: The Range' forum!

    For those that don't know, FPS stands for First Person Shooter. This gaming genre involves a character being played in a first person perspective which means the game is played from the visual perspective of that character. The FPSs world is quite diverse. Styles vary from 1v1 deathmatch to classed team based shooters where game objectives have the highest priority. Some FPS games also incorperate vehicular combat.

    A big part of this genre is the modding community. This is where parts of or sometimes close to all parts of a game are modified. Examples are mods that alter bullet damage, appearance of players, server options, and even total conversions of games.
    - wiki article on mods -

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Screenshots are from Wolfenstein 3D [early 90s] & Return to Castle Wolfenstein [2001]

    This forum is for public discussions of any and all FPS games, whether they have a TOG division established or not. When posting content related to a specific game, please post the game acronym (if it exists) into the subject heading.

    some acronym examples:
    [BFV] Battlefield Vietnam
    [ET] Enemy Territory
    [FC2] Far Cry 2
    [Q4] Quake 4

    thread heading example
    [ET] update released - v2.60b​


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    Still don't know where to start?

    :arrow: Click - HERE - and tell us what singleplayer FPSs you've been impressed with :)
    :arrow: Click - HERE - and tell us how long should a FPS story should be? :)
    :arrow: Click - HERE - to tell us what old FPSs you have been playing recently :)
    :arrow: Click - HERE - and tell us what YOU want in FPS multiplay :)
    :arrow: Click - HERE - What up-and-coming games would you like to see Question & Answer articles for at TOG, and what would you like to ask them? :)
    :arrow: Click - HERE - [POLL] What key do you use to show scores/points? :)
    :arrow: Click - HERE - for a Free FPS/Shooter list! :)

    Would you like to be involved in testing some FPS games, mods and custom maps?
    Click - HERE - for information.​

    Utilise the search function first before you post as it may be better to add to another thread rather than creating a new one :)

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