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    Would you like to be involved in testing some FPS games, mods and custom maps?

    Testing is mostly done on my servers. See my blog for details - link. (I'm currently transferring all my old forum info over to the blog. This will take a while to do. Included is server info, downloads and general game info, stay tuned!) Testing nights are when time permits or by request (I don't have to be there!). I've created an xfire group to make things easier to manage ie. group-messaging news/passwords, joining servers etc.

    xfire | The Testing Team - games, mods, maps...

    Game servers and voice comm servers (Ventrilo and Teamspeak) are provided for testers to utilise. Games are fired up on request. My server runs 24 hours a day but usually runs only one game at a time. When I have no requests, a random game is chosen. There is always at least one game running.

    The purpose of this is simply FUN :)

    There is also a serious side to it at times. I also run private testing on request.
    some examples of this include ET custom maps - link - and the UT2004 BotManager mod - link - plus more.​

    examples of upcoming testing
    • ET FritzBot mod and maps (ongoing)
    • Star Wars Battlefront II
    • Soldier of Fortune II mods
    • Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil (Enhanced Militarized Zone mod)
    • Medal of Honor Allied Assault Survival Horror mod
    • various Battlefield 2 mods that include co-op
    • TimeShift
    • Quake 4 QMAX & SABot mods
    • Vietcong and the expansions
    • SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate (Sheriff's Special Forces (SSF) Realism mod v3.1)
    • Left 4 Dead
    • Serious Sam 2 (Deathmatch Pro v0.8 mod)
    • various free shooters...

    plus many many many more!

    If interested, either apply at the above link or post your xfire username here


    -you don't have to join the xfire group to be involved with any of my testing
    -non-togs are welcome to join
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