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Discussion in 'Games Talk' started by Ebonytears, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Is awesome!! Seriously. It has just the right mix of old and new features to satisfy everyone.

    There were complaints that being able to see the pokemon in the grass would take away from the game. Yeah...tell me that next time you get chased by a rattattat and cornered by 3 pidgies :rolleyes:. The incorporation of Pokemon Go into catching wild pokemon is really well done and there's plenty of trainers around for those people who still love to battle.

    Personally it hits all my happy buttons.

    The poke ball? Fantastic! Love it! It is slightly on the small side for my hand but still comfortable for long term play. Connecting it to Pokemon Go means my smartphone stays in my bag while I carry around a ball that flips poke stops for me and also catches pokemon. Putting a pokemon in the ball before going for a walk is also the Pokemon version of powerleveling. I had a Chansey go from level 9 to 27 after an hours walk!!

    Very happy

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