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    Another entry to the survival genre has its good points and bad points , atm only single player but will be multi in the future , not for the faint of heart when it comes to grinding resources and grinding and grinding lol ...... limited map with boundaries .... no mini map just a base locator once a BCU is placed taking 100 sec to activate after death ...... nasty wildlife that will warn you off and if you don't listen will chase you and kill you if you run out of stamina ..... AI hunters that spawn after you place your BCU which is required to build any of the cooler stuff for your base ..... AI hunters will build their own bases to operate from and will respawn at those bases after a couple of days after you have killed them off .... temperature variations base on altitude and time of day or nite ..... three types of stats to worry about protein ,vegetables and water .... protein comes from animals , vegetables found or grown , water found of harvested from wells and some protein and vegetable also have a water content .... SCURVY kills in this game ..... you can survive on 2 of the 3 but your health is going to suffer over the long run .....basic base building will only get you so far before you need a BCU opening up the higher crafting tier giving you access to electricity, bio fuel production, gun upgrades ,mass production and extra storage and the same with electricity .... a BCU can only generate and store 500 electricity and 100 mass each storage unit you build will hold the BCUs starting amount for the type of storage constructed but the extra storage requires a generation source to fill the extra storage eg. BCU 500 electricity , electrical storage gives another 500 electrical storage but requires a bio fuel generator to fill the extra 500 storage once the BCU is full to original capacity .... you can catch chickens and rabbits but require animal housing to domesticate for their eggs , feather's , leather and meat ..... if this sounds like your thing be prepared to be wolf or bear bait for a long time as they will get you if your trying to get ahead ,48 hours game time is about the longest you will survive with out food or water and even then you will run into a wolf / bear you weren't expecting and your breaky :cool::w:oops::confused::w

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