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    Welcome to the TOG Battlefield Division!

    The Older Gamers have a long history of playing Battlefield that goes all the way back to Battlefield 1942. It is a very active division with lots of great people (and some weird ones) -- you’ll fit right in. Here is all of the information you need to get started in the TOG Battlefield Division!

    Table of Contents
    Getting Started in the TOG Battlefield Division
    Making The Most of Battlefield
    Asking For Help -- Battlefield Game Ops
    TOG Anti-Hacking Policy
    TOG Code of Conduct
    TOG Battlefield Division Leadership Group

    Getting Started in the TOG Battlefield Division
    Follow these simple steps to join the division and find fellow TOGs.

    1) Register for the TOG Battlefield Division
    Join the TOG Forums by pressing the Login in or Sign up button on the top right of the screen. Once you have joined, Register at The Barracks and Register for the TOG Battlefield division, it only takes a few seconds!
    • Write a little blurb about yourself
    • List the name of your Battlefield soldier or Origin name
    2) Apply for the BF1 TOG Battlefield Platoon
    On the home screen of Battlefield 1 you will see a menu on the left hand side. The one that allows you to switch between Battlefield games. To the bottom there is a platoon button. Hit that and press Find Platoon. Search for "The Older Gamers" to find the platoon and press Apply for platoon. Let one of the Game Ops know that you have applied and you will be let in. Once you are approved, you will need to go back into the platoon section and press Represent Platoon to have your tags appear in game (pictures coming soon)

    3) Apply For The Battlefield 3/4 TOG Battlelog Platoon

    If you intend on playing BF3 and BF4, you can register for the TOG platoon there also. Log into Battlelog then Join the TOG Battlelog Platoon here. Click on the apply button. Once one of the game OPs has added you, use the View Members Playing page to find TOGs who are currently online.

    4) Setup Voice Communications

    The TOG Battlefield division now uses Discord for voice communications. Start by installing Discord, then add the TOG Discord server by clicking this link (link in members section)

    5) Jump into a game
    The easiest way to find a game with other TOGs is via the platoons section. When you click Platoons > TOG, you will see all of the servers that TOG players are currently on. Clicking one of those servers will automatically get you into the right server and right squad.

    Making The Most of Battlefield
    Here are some resources to help you find games, solve technical issues, and to improve your in-game performance!

    Asking For Help -- Battlefield Game Ops

    The TOG Battlefield division has a number of “Game Ops” who are responsible for:
    • Managing map rotations and game modes on TOG servers
    • Rebooting the server
    • Kicking and/or banning players for excessive bad language, player abuse, trolling, using map exploits or hacking
    • Resolve disputes between players
    • Providing relationship advice (not really)
    If you require help, talk to Game Ops in Teamspeak/Discord or send them a private message (contact details below).

    TOG Anti-Hacking Policy
    TOG has a zero tolerance policy on cheating. If you cheat, we will find out and permanently ban you. If you suspect another player of cheating, contact one of the TOG leadership group via a private message (details listed below). Do not post “hackusations” on the forums and please refrain from hackusations in Discord. PM game ops directly and we will investigate.

    TOG Code of Conduct
    ad the TOG Code of Conduct to understand the level of conduct expected of members. TOG is a mature gaming community that does not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, player abuse or “excessive” foul language (no C-Bombs, no use of the term r**e).

    Battlefield VOIP channels do get a bit loud (particularly on Friday/Saturday) -- some swear words, some yelling, lots of laughs and some tears as n00bs get pwned. However, we draw the line at player abuse and excessive ranting.

    Want to know we don't like the use of the word r**e? This article sums it up well.

    Basically: “Don’t be a dick -- be nice and have fun”.

    Here are the links to the TOG administrative processes:
    The TOG Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
    About TOG and the Code of Conduct

    TOG Battlefield Division Leadership Group
    Click on names to view profiles, send an email or send a private message.

    Division Captain
    -- Razz
    Squad Leader -- Tulgar
    Squad Leader -- Nietzscheese
    Game OP -- POSCrash
    Game OP -- Typhon
    Game OP -- Dekay71
    Game OP -- RubberRobber
    Game OP -- Ozlizard
    Game OP -- Choppa
    Game OP -- Valzhar

    Did you find this guide useful or as useless as tits on a bull? Do you have any ideas for extra information we should be including? Leave feedback by posting in this thread or by contacting one of the Battlefield game ops.


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