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    Mar 31, 2021
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    Hey there!

    I'm Jamie, a 43 year old from south-east Queensland, Australia. I'm currently hooked on Star Citizen, with a good amount of Destiny 2 on the side. Currently in the GMT +10 (or Brisbane) time zone, but I do tend to sleep at odd hours.

    I originally started gaming on the family Atari 2600, then moved up to the Commodore 64 and the Amiga 500 before finally getting into PC gaming in 1994 with DOOM and later the Quake series pretty much dominating my life. Nowadays, I tend to play more cooperative game experiences, rather than competitive FPS stuff, with Star Citizen dominating most of my gaming time.

    I work in the IT industry, and still have a strong love for technology despite IT doing its best to try wear me down. Outside of gaming and technology, I'm a colossal Transformers nerd (hence the avatar), and money that hasn't gone into that has gone into an obscene figure and comic book collection. I also have a non-academic interest in science, astronomy and space in general - one of the reasons why Star Citizen appeals so much to me.

    I'm on most PC platforms, and also have an Xbox - although that's mostly for Destiny 1 and the occasional bit of Halo in single player/coop.

    I'm looking forward to meeting new people!
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    DM welcome to TOG, plenty of peeps are into SC. Soooo.....

    Congratulations! You have passed our stringent don't die before 25 application requirement and have made it into TOG.

    Keep in mind there is more here than the division for that flaky game you have signed up for. There are other flaky games which all have their own division and other things of wonder, joy and wtf.

    Public Forums (Philistines only or less then 25. Same thing)
    Member Forums (General chat, cat videos, VR, laboratories, Steam and Discord invites)
    Member News (If you have a mind like mine you just laughed)
    Simulation and Sports Divisions (This is for simulation and sports games!)
    Strategy, RPG and other Games (This is for err... Strategy, RPG and other Games)
    FPS (Brutal and horrific death. Lots of fun!)
    MMORPG (Also brutal and horrific death but sometimes ponies)
    Operations (The name you picked is stupid and you want to change it? Policies and stuff).
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    Hello DM and welcome to TOG.

    I hope you have a great time here and find new lots of new people. :D
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    Welcome to TOG @Deus Maximus!

    If you're keen for Destiny 2, the clan is very active and we Raid on the Regular 3 times a week: Wednesday 7:30pm AEDT and Weekends 1:30pm AEDT (If we dont get enough we push it to 7:30pm)

    Post here for a clan invite: https://www.theoldergamers.com/threads/destiny-clan-invite-thread.650277

    We've started to get more peeps rolling into Trials and have been running the Grandmasters as well!

    Follow the instructions on this post to get onto discord: https://www.theoldergamers.com/threads/tog-discord-server.658361/

    Once you're in discord, drop a line and say hi in the #destiny-general channel.
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    "I'm a colossal Transformers nerd" Hell yeah! great to hear, I'm also in the same boat :D Welcome aboard DM
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    ...and here I was thinking that a transformer had something to do with electricity! :)

    Welcome to TOG Deus
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