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    Since we are entering the GA SOF2 ladder, take your time to understand the official rules for ladder.

    Soldier of Fortune 2 - Official Rules
    By Nathan @ 12:56pm 02/12/02
    Welcome to the GameArena Solider of Fortune 2 competition.

    GameArena makes every effort to construct fair, impartial rules which can be easily followed for an enjoyable match experience. It is the goal of GameArena to create an environment where teams play the required matches and leave nothing or very little to question when the match is completed and the winning team has been established.

    However, teams playing in GameArena SOF2 Division must understand that the rules cannot be written to cover every possible case scenario. GameArena makes every effort to write the rules in such a manner as to benefit those professional, skilled, courteous teams playing in the ladder.

    GameArena and its’ Administrators, GameOp’s and Referee’s reserve, unconditionally, the right to apply the rules in each case scenario so as to benefit GameArena, the disputing team, and the defending team. Once the dispute has been raised to the GameOp level, the GameOp’s decide the most appropriate course of action. This does not mean GameArena, its’ Administrators and GameOp’s will apply decisions with wanton disrespect to the rules. The Administrators and GameOp’s will enforce the rules in all applicable cases.

    GameArena and its’ Administrators and GameOp’s reserves the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, competition committee meetings and all other changes deemed necessary to the competition. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are fully aware of changes.

    Please Note: The following rules apply in addition to the GameArena Ladders General Rules of Play.

    1. General Information
    1.1 Introduction
    The GameArena Solider of Fortune 2 competition will be based on the current ladder system used by GameArena.

    This ladder will run for a total of 12 weeks, at the end of that period, the ladder will be declared closed, and the top four teams in the ladder will then go on to the playoffs. The playoffs will consist of the four remaining teams playing each other in a double elimination format at the rate of 2 games per week. Once the winner is decided, they will be declared Season Champion. In all subsequent ladders the Season Champions will be recognised in their info pages. After a two week break the ladder will commence for another season.

    Normal gameplay will be the Infiltration gametype and friendly fire will be on for all matches.
    Match round timelimit is three (3) minutes per round. Each team requires at least 6 players to begin play; teams with less than 5 players after 20 minutes has elapsed in matchplay time are deemed to have forfeited.

    GameArena requires both participating clans to record demos and screenshots to help alleviate any issues that may occur. Evidence is required if any action is to be taken. Only official maps will be used in the ladder and only maps that can be played in Infiltration mode will be used. The ladder will use the default skins and models. These are not to be modified in any way. If it is proven that any member of a team has modified the skins or models the team risks elimination from the ladder. The Grenade Launcher (mm1) and the Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG7) will be disabled for the duration of the competition.

    These rules will be re-evaluated and changed for the Ladder Finals and must NOT be mistaken for the rules of the GameArena Solider of Fortune 2 Ladder competition finals series.

    All official maps the support the Infiltration gametype mode.

    Infiltration Maps: air1, shop, raven, col1, col2, hk1, hk2, finca, kam3, kam4, pra2, hos2

    1.2 Definitions

    SoF2: Abbreviation for Soldier of Fortune 2
    MATCH: A ladder game played in the GameArena Solider of Fortune 2 competition
    GAME: A game is a map played in the GameArena Solider of Fortune 2 competition. A game consists of two halves.
    ROUND: A specified length of time in which a point is won
    POINT: Rewarded to the winner of a round; counts toward the score
    HALF: A specified length of time (12 minutes) amounting to half the game's length
    CAPTAIN: Predetermined player on a team functioning as captain
    WIN: The result of scoring more points than your opponent
    LOSS: The result of scoring fewer points than your opponent
    TIE: The result of scoring equal points with your opponent
    GAMEPOINT: Rewarded to a team with the best total score after two (2) halves of a game has been played, (1 pts) for a win or if tied at the end of the game (1 pt).
    MATCHPOINT: Rewarded to a team with the best total gamepoints after all three maps have been played, (2 pts) for a win or tie (1 pt) in the ladder standings.
    DESIGNATED SERVER: Any GameArena GameCreate server or a server owned by GameArena* (* with prior agreement of both teams and an GameArena GameOp or Administrator only)

    2. Servers
    2.1 Server Timelimit
    All matches must be completed before the allocated server time runs out. If the server time runs out, the game in progress is declared a draw and therefore both teams score one (1) gamepoint - no matter what the current score was. The overall winner will be the team that has the most game points at the end of the three maps. In the event of all three games being tied and as such both teams have three (3) game points, then the match shall be declared as a draw.
    You should be aware of the server booking time and ensure your team gets to the match on-time.

    If a team can prove (by way of a demo) excessive time wasting by the opposition, a forfeit may be issued against the time-wasting team.

    2.2 Server Crashes
    In the unfortunate event of a server crash before 3 rounds have been completed, the server must be restarted and the game's score reset to 0-0.

    If the server crashes after the 3rd round has been completed, the game must be restarted and played from the score at the time of the crash. Use screenshots or demos to verify the score before continuing. Both Captains must agree to the score via messagemode 1 (public chat) so that all players are fully aware of the current proceedings.

    In the event of a third crash, the game may be cancelled and team captains report to the Soldier of Fortune 2 channel within the COGS system if a GameOp is preset or to the Main channel if any GameArena Administrators are available. If neither is available, a post should be made in the forums by both Captains advising of the inability to proceed with the match and the current score at the time of the crash. Upon discretion of the tournament officials the match may be rescheduled.

    2.3 Ladder Bookings / Map Selection
    The Challenging GA Ladder Team will select 5 maps and three game times and offer them to the team they would like to challenge. The Defending GA Ladder Team selects 3 of the 5 maps and 1 game time that they are comfortable with, at which point the Challenging Team will then be notified by the GameCreate server of the maps, date, gametime and passwords required to play the match.

    3. Match Information
    3.1 Match Structure
    SoF2 matches will consist of 3 maps split into 2 halves per map.

    Teams alternate colours at half time for the sake of fairness of spawn location.

    Each half will be played for 12 minutes. After the first half time limit has been reached the teams will swap sides.

    The winner of the map is the team that has scored the most total points at the end of the game, in other words, the cumulative total of the first and second half rounds and as such scores one (1) game point. If both teams have the same score at the end of both halves, then they both receive one (1) game point.

    This will occur for all three maps, meaning that each team will play as the Red and Blue team for all three maps.

    The overall winner will be the team that has the most game points at the end of the three maps. In the event of all three games being tied and as such both teams have three (3) game points, then the match shall be declared as a draw.

    The defending GA ladder team will start as red and the challenging GA ladder team will start as blue.


    Red Team = A (Team 1) Blue Team = B (Team 2)

    Map1 – AB
    Map2 – BA
    Map3 – AB
    Map1 – BA
    Map2 – AB
    Map3 - BA

    In this scenario the Defending GA Ladder Team (Team 1) starts Map1 as the Red Team and then plays as the Blue Team after half time. In Map2 they start as the Blue Team and then swap to the Red Team after half time. In Map3, they start as the Red Team again and finish the game off as the Blue Team. The situation is reversed throughout for the Challenging GA Ladder Team (Team 2).

    If Team 1 scores 2 and Team 2 scores 3 for the first half, and then they swap for the second half (so Team 1 becomes Blue and vice-versa). After the half, Team 2 scores 1 and Team 1 scores 4. This would mean that Team 1 has a total of 6 points and Team 2 has 4 points. In this scenario, Team 1 would win 1 gamepoint as result of winning the map 6 games to 4.

    3.1.1 Pre-Match

    The participating teams have 20 minutes beyond the agreed upon (or default) time to join the match server. After 20 minutes have passed, both teams must have at least 5 Members (the competition minimum) each in the server. If one team fails to comply, the team on the server that complies with the competition rules may file a forfeit win by posting a score of 3-0 and then putting the reason for the forfeit win in the comments. To produce evidence of this, demo’s and screenshot’s with the scoreboard and time left showing is to be made available upon request.

    If a team files for a forfeit win without cause, that team will be allotted a loss for that match and suspended for the following match, thereby allotting them a 2nd loss.

    To start a match, both teams must declare their readiness, at which point a map_restart must be used. After the map_restart, the game is live. The GameCreate match servers will have map_restart voting enabled. Inappropriate use of the voting functions will result in the offending party being banned from the competition for two (2) weeks.

    3.1.2 Halftime

    After finishing the first half of the game, teams are allowed an optional 3-minute break. Team captains should exchange information regarding the current score and resolve any issues that may have arisen during the match. At this juncture, the two teams must alternate colours, i.e. the team that was red for the first map must now change to blue, and the team that was blue must change to red. This will ensure no one-sided spawning in the match.

    3.1.3 Postgame

    At the end of each round, the team captains are encouraged to take a screenshot. After all rounds are completed, the challenging team is required to enter a result within 2 hours of completing the game. Failure to enter the result will mean a forfeit by the challenging team. The defending team has 24 hours to accept or dispute the result. If no action is taken by the defending team then the result entered by the challenger is automatically accepted.

    3.2 Player Rules

    The GameArena SoF2 competition default number of players per side in a match is 6. The minimum number allowed for matches is 5. If the two teams agree, both sides may use as many as 7 players per side. In the even that one team has only the competition minimum; the opposing team may only field a maximum of 6 players.
    All participants in the GameArena SoF2 competition are responsible for knowing the following Player Rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for violation. Violators will be punished at the discretion of the GameArena Administrators and GameOp’s.

    3.2.1 Screenshots

    It is mandated that you take screenshots of the half and final scores of the map played in the event of a dispute. A GameArena Administrator or GameOp will request these if necessary.

    3.2.2 Messaging

    All team discussion will be done in team talk (messagemode2) only. If there is consistent public chat (messagemode1) during the match it will be considered as game disruption and may lead to the team's elimination from the ladder. Only team captains are allowed to use public chat to conduct match business (messagemode1). Inappropriate commentary or rude/offensive remarks and unsportsmanlike behaviour made in messagemode1 are grounds for forfeit loss, at the sole discretion of the GameArena ladder officials.

    3.2.3 Demos

    All players are strongly encouraged to record demos. If a team has not recorded a demo and it is requested by a referee or a tournament official, that team may forfeit the match or be eliminated from the ladder. Demos are important as they may help to prove your teams’ innocence in the event of a dispute.

    At this stage, server side demos cannot be taken so we encourage all clans to submit demos for download by the community. Being able to download and watch other clans in action helps build a larger, stronger community and stronger clans.

    Doing so is very simple and may be done via the following console commands/binds:

    /g_synchronousclients 1
    /g_synchronousclients 0

    To stop the demo after the match ends, type

    3.2.4 Personal Conduct

    The "Be Polite Rule": This rule need not be very complicated for the most efficient application of it. Players will be held to the highest standard of personal conduct at all times. This means all times, GameArena match or elsewhere. Simply put: Be nice.

    Any player that trash talks the GameArena officials will be immediately suspended until further notice. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Teams playing within the GameArena competition are above this level of poor conduct, and as the GameOp’s and Referees are all volunteers, they deserve the respect from the players in their leagues.

    Furthermore, abusive treatment from one team to another or wanton accusations of impropriety (cheating) is absolutely unacceptable. Teams are expected to treat each other respectfully at all times, regardless of scenario. Remember, until the GameArena officials have reviewed a dispute, the accused stands innocent until proven guilty.

    Spawn Camping is not against GameArena ladder rules. Clans will make their own decision to the extent to which they spawn camp (ie: camping outside the spawn area or behind the spawned players backs). Clans should work on strategies to break out of their spawn when they are being camped.

    Cheating consists of but is not limited to: Wallhacking, proxies, skin/model changing, using programs to hide ping or raise another player's ping. Deliberately using or exploiting a bug in the game or a bug in a map also constitutes cheating. IP and GUID checking will be present for all matches. If a team is found to have cheated they will be removed from the ladder immediately and no team members will be accepted back for another tournament. The player will also be banned from all GameArena public servers.

    Example of Cheating:

    CVAR Lagging - Any modification of cvars which results in extreme player lag or "warping" will not be tolerated. Referees will give a single warning when a player is spotted warping for more than a few seconds. During a 30 second period after the warning, the player may not perform any action which accomplishes an important goal for his/her team (such as grabbing the case on finca, or planting dynamite, etc.). If the player continues to warp after the 30 second warning has expired, then the referee shall summarily remove them from the game. It shall be left to the discretion of the referee, whether the team will be permitted a substitution to replace the lagger.

    Using a Wallhack

    Using an AimBot

    IP spoofing

    Using the m_pitch exploit to improve chances of headshots

    If you are unsure if a certain type of play is illegal, please contact a GameArena ladder official prior to your match.

    3.3 In-Game Techniques

    Making use of map exploits is not acceptable for match play. Players caught doing so will be dealt with accordingly, with suspension/expulsion from competition play. Teams with players caught exploiting maps will also forfeit the match at the discretion of the GameArena Administrators or GameOp’s.

    3.4 External Software

    The only external software permitted for use in the ladder is Roger Wilco, BattleCom, TeamSpeak or a similar voice communication program.

    3.5 Substitutions

    Spectators are not allowed within the server.

    During match, substitutions are allowed without notification emergency situation arises, for example, a team is playing a man down and their 6th player arrives

    If a player drops out during a game (999 or disconnection), the game must go on, and the player is to rejoin play as soon as is possible. If the player fails to return or continues to drop out, it is at the discretion of the player's captain to continue the game or forfeit.

    Players may substitute dropped players, however, all subs must remain outside the game until a slot has been vacated for them to fill.

    4. Violations
    4.1 Disputes
    In the event that one team may believe the other team guilty of rule violations (including cheating), they may file a dispute with GameArena Officials. Teams are asked to carefully decide if a dispute is necessary.

    If a dispute is chosen as the course of action, team captain(s) must contact a GameArena Official.

    Any member who is not a designated captain is not allowed to report a dispute and will be summarily ignored. ONLY designated leaders are allowed to sit in on the dispute process unless GameArena Officials specifically requests their presence.
    Both clans involved in a dispute must take the following steps:
    A formal dispute must be filed with a GameArena Official within one hour of the match being completed.
    Calmly explain the situation and reason for the dispute in detail.
    The disputing team must have proof in the form of game logs, demos, screenshots, and such.
    If necessary, a GameArena Official will request the demos, screen shots, server logs from the opposing team. Such files will be submitted, or at least be arranged to be submitted no more than sixty (60) minutes after the GameArena Official requests it. 24 hours from the time of dispute are allotted for demos to be transferred.

    Clans should keep back-ups of their screen shots, demos and all logs for a minimum of two weeks.
    At that point, GameArena will review the situation and have a ruling for both teams prior to the following week's match. False accusations are completely unacceptable and VERY annoying for GameArena Officials to deal with. Thus, repeat false-accusers will be punished. No crying wolf, please.

    4.2 Forfeits

    Any team winning by forfeit shall, after consulting with a GameArena GameOp, submit a 3-0 (1-0, 1-0, 1-0) victory with "Forfeit Win" as the match comment.

    4.3 Use of Admins

    Whilst we encourage teams to play their games by themselves at any point during a challenge, or on the expectation of a challenge by the defending team, you may request a GameArena GameOp or Referee to be present (but not participating) during your game. You must abide by ALL the GameArena GameOp or Referee instructions at all times during the game. The GameArena GameOp or Referee’s word is final. Should your team be disruptive during the game after repeated requests by a GameArena GameOp or Referee to stop, you will forfeit the game. Should you continue to do this your team will be removed from the ladder.

    4.4 Grounds for Suspension/Expulsion

    For players AND their teams...Includes, but is not limited to:
    Failure to play a game (or a chosen forfeit) for two consecutive weeks
    Violation of Rules
    Violation of Conduct
    Abusive or ANY unprofessional conduct against a team competing in the ladder or a GameArena.Official.

    5. Team Information
    5.1 Shoutcasting
    If shoutcasting becomes available for SoF2, shoutcasters (or other broadcasters that are officially sanctioned by the GameArena ladder) may be present to broadcast the match. By playing in this ladder you agree to your match being broadcasted.
    The shoutcasters must ensure adequate notice (minimum 1 day) is given to the clans participating in the match, and they must ensure that they have the technical setup working. Failure to produce recorded mp3/demo bundles or live shoutcasts may result in your shoutcast privileges being revoked.

    5.2 Roster Lock

    To help enforce the smurfing/ringing rule, and to ensure players aren't able to join and leave a team for just a match, or just for a finals series, a roster lock will also be in place for new recruits added to a teams roster.

    New additions to a teams roster are ineligible to play for 1 match, unless the opposing team agrees to let them play.
    Rosters are locked 2 weeks prior to the end of the season, so new recruits are ineligible to play in the finals.

    The team roster screen has a "joined date" column which can be used to determine when a player was added, and therefore when they are eligible to paly.

    5.3 Smurfing/Ringing

    A player may only be registered for, and play for, 1 team in the ladder. If a player is found to have played for another team in a match, the following penalties apply:
    Penalties to the individual:
    On a first offence:
    - A 2 match ban from all ladder games
    On a second offence:
    - A 10 match ban from all ladder games

    Penalties to the team:
    On the first offence:
    A forfeit loss
    On the second offence:
    A forfeit loss and a drop of 10% of ladder rungs
    On the third offence:
    Removal from the ladder

    It is up to the teams to ensure they do GUID checking of the other team and to cross-check the player list against their registered roster. If a discrepancy is found, and smurfing/ringing is suspected, contact a GameArena GameOp with the evidence.

    To perform a GUID check whilst in-game:
    Activate the console screen
    Type in:
    Close console

    It is the team’s responsibility to ensure your roster is up-to-date with new/left recruits.
    6. Changes/Interpretations
    If a new version of SoF2 is released during the ladder season and there are significant changes to gameplay, all current challenges will be cancelled and new challenges will not be permitted for a period of one week.
    The Punkbuster software automatically updates itself when a new version is released.

    GameArena officials reserve the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, competition committee meetings and all other changes deemed necessary to the league. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are fully aware of changes.

    7. Server Configuration

    This is the format for SoF2 ladder matches,

    // PunkBuster Start //

    // PB CVAR Restrictions //
    // These are hard coded settings decided by Activision and Punkbuster //

    // PB bad name checks//
    pb_sv_badname 10 f***
    pb_sv_badname 10 f**
    pb_sv_badname 10 f***
    pb_sv_badname 10 c***
    pb_sv_badname 10 k***
    pb_sv_badname 10 s***

    // Server Settings //
    seta sv_hostname "GameArena SOF2 GameCreate Server"
    seta g_motd " "
    seta sv_privatePassword "***********"
    seta rconpassword "**********"

    // Server Config //
    seta sv_maxclients "18"
    seta g_maxGameClients "18"
    seta g_minGameClients "0"
    seta sv_privateClients "2"
    seta g_gametype "inf"
    seta sv_maxPing "300"
    seta sv_minPing "0"
    seta sv_maxRate "8000"
    seta sv_fps "20"
    seta sv_reconnectlimit "3"
    seta sv_allowDownload "0"
    seta sv_allowAnonymous "0"
    seta g_doWarmup "1"
    seta g_warmup "10"
    seta g_speed "280"
    seta g_teamForceBalance "1"
    seta g_teamAutoJoin "0"
    seta g_noTeamSwitching "0"
    seta g_followEnemy "0"
    seta g_forceFollow "1"
    seta g_timeouttospec "45"
    seta g_inactivity "60"
    seta g_inactiveSpectate "300"
    seta sv_timeout "300"
    seta g_synchronousclients "1"
    seta g_gore "1"

    // Voting //
    seta g_allowvote "1"
    seta novote_g_gametype "1"
    seta novote_rmgmap "1"
    seta novote_scorelimit "1"
    seta novote_timelimit "1"
    seta novote_g_doWarmup "0"
    seta novote_clientkick "1"
    seta novote_kick "1"
    seta novote_map "0"
    seta novote_nextmap "1"
    seta novote_map_restart "0"
    seta novote_g_friendlyfire "1"

    // FF Settings //
    seta g_friendlyfire "1"
    seta g_suicidePenalty "-1"
    seta g_teamkillPenalty "-3"
    seta g_teamkillDamageMax "300"
    seta g_teamkillDamageForgive "40"
    seta g_teamkillBanTime ""

    // Voice Chat //
    seta sv_floodProtect "1"
    seta g_voiceFloodCount "6"
    seta g_voiceFloodPenalty "60"

    // Logging //
    seta logfile "3"
    seta g_log "games.log"
    seta g_logSync "0"
    seta g_logHits "0"
    seta dmflags "0"

    // Game Limits //
    seta g_roundstartdelay "8"
    seta g_roundtimelimit "3"

    // Server Variables //
    seta sv_pure "1"
    seta sv_gamespy "1"
    seta net_noipx "1"

    // Mapcycle //
    seta sv_mapcycle "gc.mapcycle"

    // WEAPONS //
    disable_weapon_knife "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_US_SOCOM "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_M19 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_silvertalon "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_microuzi "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_M3A1 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_MP5 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_USAS_12 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_M590 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_MSG90A1 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_M4 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_AK_74 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_SIG551 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_M60 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_RPG_7 "1"
    disable_pickup_weapon_MM_1 "1"
    disable_pickup_weapon_M84 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_SMOHG92 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_AN_M14 "0"
    disable_pickup_weapon_M15 "0"

    // Server Start //

    8. Terms and Conditions
    By playing in the GameArena Ladder system, you agree to comply with all GameArena terms and conditions set out HERE

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