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    Short guide to Star Citizen

    Since there is an overwhelming amount of information available regarding Star Citizen, this short guide aims to help.

    Keep in mind that this guide is merely meant to give pointers to (new) players, not to be complete. If you want to write a complete guide, please do! However, if info is missing which should in fact be in here please feel free to post so! :)


    Disclaimer: Not everything was originally written by me.

    The game…

    • is being developed by Chris Roberts, the guy who made Wing Commander and his teams, which include > 300 people thus far.

    • is crowd funded, we are called backers because we pledge money. As a ‘thank you’ for pledging we receive ships.

    • has small solo ships, larger multi-crew ships and huge (up 1 km thus far) capital ships. You actually will be able to fly or be a crew-member in (most of) them (and yes, you can walk around and interact in your ship and hangar etc.).

    • s’ development has been started some time ago and is being released in modules, the current publically available build includes the hangar (housing), racing, FPS and arena commander (sim battle). Current features can be checked here and the extensive FAQ here.

    • is actually two games:
    1 - Squadron 42: ’The spiritual successor to the Wing Commander series.’ This is a single player (can invite friends to help though as co-op mode) game. This you can see as a prequel to the 2nd game;
    2 - Star Citizen: This is called the "Persistent universe" aka "BDSSE" Best Damn Space Sim Ever. The focus is on a ‘shared single player experience.’ You can fly with / against others or (mostly) lone wolf it, have NPC or players as crew on your ship (or be part of someone’s crew yourself). Space stations, planets, FPS, Economy, exploration, piracy/smuggling, bounty hunting, exploration, trading, mining, transport, prison transport - you name it and it most probably is in the game somewhere. All in super high visual detail.

    • will be available without monthly subscription fees.

    • you can become a backer of, starting from $45 USD which only includes Star Citizen access and Digital Download. Adding the single player game 'Squadron 42' costs $15 USD. (Amounts can be different depending on VAT.)

    • You can 'melt' purchased ships for store credits, and use it to purchase other ships. Note that some ships are sold for a limited time and/or a limited amount. There are concept sales with perks as well.

    • has backers who choose to subscribe as well. The money raised from subscribers is specifically used for ‘extra’ communication. Examples are the weekly ’10 for the chairman’ and ‘around the verse’ videos which give answers to questions and give insight in what is being done. Subscribers have some perks which are nice, but have no impact in the game:
    • is a sandbox game, aimed for all types of players, casual and hard core. You can buy limited UEC (credits) if you want to, or can earn everything in game. It’s considered by most pay for convenience, not pay to win. Funding is used for development and some is set aside for when it goes live.

    Some other features [Note that the below is subject to change by CR]

    - Optional Voyager Store Items to enhance your gaming experience.
    - Non-consensual player killing allowed everywhere, however PK-ing in UEE space can result in penalties to the attacker. There is a 'PVP slider' which you can manipulate to your preference. There however is no 100% PVE or 100% PVP setting.
    Update: CIG mentioned that griefers will be pooled together in their own instance.
    - Players are free to play any role they dream to be, there is no actual job description, character classes, or skill trees. However some missions / ships might require you to first pass a license test, before you are allowed to be granted permission to that special mission, or drive a ginormous ship.
    - Player Influenced (not controlled) economy, the economy will be self-regulated by NPCs and naturally occurring production / demands. You can (supposedly) own (parts of) companies.
    - There is no Crafting, However you can Overclock and Tweak your ships / modules / weapon parts, and then sell it.
    - At this time, non-capital ships are said to be logged out of the verse when you yourself logoff.
    - Murray Cup Racing (in-game sports events).
    - You can board or be boarded.
    - Explorers can find Alien relics, uncharted Jump Points, and other treasures / space phenomenon.
    - Most deaths does not result in Perma-death, however you'll have your body parts replaced by cybernetic implants to replace your damaged limbs & body parts, you can buy your way into immortality with some hefty price. A successor will be available to take over the business from a perma-death character.
    - There are no 'true' character stats to improve (strength/dexterity etc.). There will be some licenses though.
    - Ships & Weapons will be balanced to be equivalent of "rock / paper / scissor".
    - Bigger Ship does not automatically translates into "I win" players will have to choose the Cons vs. Pros of driving each ship hull type to suit their needs.
    - Your hangar is your main living space, with option to rent a penthouse apartment on planet side.
    - You can only steal other player ships by boarding. Players can be insured to reduce the impact on the players due to this and e.g. damages.
    Update: You can insure ship hulls and receive, over time, a replacement if your ship got stolen or destroyed.
    - There are massive large scale PvE events planned by the Devs.
    - There are more NPCs in the universe than there are real players.
    - The flight model is based on Newtonian physics.
    - The ship specs are a joke, expect them to change at this stage of development, a lot. The ship's description is what you pledge for.


    6DoF Six degrees of freedom
    AI Artificial Intelligence
    BDSSE Best Damn Space Simulator Ever
    CCU Cross Chassis Upgrade (from one ship to another)
    CIG Cloud Imperium Games
    CR Chris Roberts
    DEV Developer
    EA Electronic Access store (see also 'REC') (and yes, its a parody of Electronic Arts)
    EVA Extra-vehicular activity
    EVE Environment vs. environment (NPC pirates fighting with NPC military), sometimes used for EVE Online
    Griefer Player who deliberately irritates and harasses other players
    HOJAM Hands On Joystick And Mouse
    HOTAS Hands on throttle and stick
    Lamp A device that produces illumination. Here it refers to a lamp that was placed in front of a webcam with notes during the Kickstarter. It now has a cult following
    LTI Life Time Insurance. Some think this is a big deal, its handy but that is all. It has been confirmed that SHI will be cheap
    Melt Sell for store credits (not UEC!)
    MMO(G) Massively multiplayer online game
    MMORPG Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
    NPC Non-player character
    OP Original Poster or Original Post, first post(er) in the thread (or overpowered)
    PC Player character
    PK Player killing
    Podding Destroying someone’s ejection pod
    PU Persistent Universe; The online, persistent star citizen universe
    PvA Player vs All (PvP and PvE)
    PvE Player vs Environment
    PvP Player vs Player
    REC Rental Credits ('REC') are a type of Virtual Currency that you can earn in-game through subscription and/or Arena Commander, and that you can then spend, on the website in the Electronic Access store, to try out new game items for a limited time.
    RP Role-playing
    RSI Roberts Space Industries; In and out of game acronym. In game it is one of the ship manufacturers. It is also the name of the Star Citizen official website
    SC Star Citizen
    SHI Standard Hull Insurance
    SQ42 Squadron 42
    UEC United Earth Credits; The official currency of the Central Core Bank. AKA, the in game money
    UEE United Empire of Earth; The main government in the universe. Can become a citizen
    WIP Work in progress

    For more detailed information, please refer to Google and/or the links post in the TOG members forums.
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