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    You can obtain the relics from Cetus Bounties on POE and from Syndicate Relic Packs.

    <Cetus Bounties>

    • Lith G2: Tier 2 bounty, rotations A, B, and C
    • Meso E1: Tier 3 bounty, Rotation A
    • Meso F3: Tier 3 bounty, Rotations B and C
    • Neo F1: Tier 4 bounty, Rotations A and B
    • Neo E1: Tier 4 bounty, Rotation C
    • Axi S2: Tier 5 bounty, Rotations A and C
    • Axi L1: Tier 5 bounty, Rotation B
    (Thanks to u/Funkky for the above list)

    -Relics containing Ember Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Meso E1, Neo E1

    • Neuroptics: Meso F3

    • Chassis: Neo F1

    • Systems: Axi S2
    -Relics containing Loki Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Meso F3, Axi S2

    • Neuroptics: Neo E1

    • Chassis: Lith G2

    • Systems: Axi L1
    -Relics containing Frost Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Meso F3, Neo F1

    • Neuroptics: Neo E1

    • Chassis: Meso E1

    • Systems: Lith G2
    -Relics containing Wyrm Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Neo E1, Axi S2

    • Cerebrum: Lith G2

    • Carapace: Axi L1

    • Systems: Meso E1
    -Relics containing Reaper Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Axi L1

    • Handle: Meso F3

    • Blade: Neo E1
    -Relics containing Glaive Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Lith G2

    • Blade: Axi L1

    • Disc: Meso F3
    -Relics containing Bo Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Lith G2

    • Ornament: Meso E1

    • Handle: Neo F1
    -Relics containing Sicarus Prime parts-

    • Blueprint: Neo F1

    • Barrel: Neo F1

    • Receiver: Axi S2
    -Relics containing Latron Prime parts- * Blueprint: Axi L1

    • Barrel: Meso E1

    • Receiver: Axi S2

    • Stock: Lith G2

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