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    In the interests of Game Developer confidence and our members/guests, TOG takes a strong stance with respect to NDA violations.

    Due to the closed nature of these games, TOG will be making the following assumptions:

    1. Any game under closed beta (alpha, etc) will automatically be assumed to carry a fully encompassing NDA*. TOG will enforce any NDA breeches up to and including bans from our site as per NDA rules/guidelines set out.

    2. Any game that enters Open Beta stage will be assumed to have the NDA lifted unless the contrary is set out in the NDA.

    Pursuant to point 1, any details regarding beta invitations, will be deleted by administration.

    Point 1 will be held as true unless PUBLIC Documentation to the contrary can be provided.

    * By 'fully encompassing' we mean that all details pertaining to the beta, be that game details or beta invitations, are included in the NDA.
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