PSN and Xbox GT/Bungie Name Roster and CLAN UPDATE

Discussion in 'Destiny (Public)' started by Mixzawa, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Since I got the long 12 hour shift today preventing me from going home on a normal time to get my Destiny on I figure I start doing this. Gonna be making a spreadsheet of GT/PSN IDs that match their Bungie names. Also to verify who we have as a lot of members part of the group have yet to make themselves part of the clan.

    This will also help our case with becoming a full division in TOG going forward. The great thing about Destiny is there is not too much to maintain from a clan standby beyond the admin roster. If anything we will need people to host events (evening Strike missions, Raids, drunken Crucible.)

    More then happy to do the admin side of things as while I could lead in events on Xbox One not sure how often I can do it. Life for me at the moment is busy with my personal fitness training and moving up in the Zumba scene for the next 6 months.

    So if your interested in leading in events on any platform post up here or if you feel more comfortable you can send me a PM. I am pretty much the admin dude to maintain the clan in the background so anyone willing to help out and take on active roles will be great.

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