Proposal to register an auxiliary Alt?

Discussion in 'Minecraft (Public)' started by Rhof, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I have been thinking about this and after discussing it with my Admin team, other DCs and TOG modmins and you, the community, I have decided that the default rule will be no to multiple accounts for a player on our servers. However, under certain circumstances, there may be exceptions.

    The main advantage of allowing multiple accounts:

    • filming gameplay with the additional accounts
    Some of the disadvantages

    • allowing a second pair of eyes to a player
    • allowing a player to make additional chunks 'active'
    • allowing players to bait mobs with a sacrificial account
    • allowing players to effectively create temporary warp points
    All these disadvantages are not good behaviour and players should not be doing them with any additional accounts they have access to on our servers, be they a friend's, a child's or a partner's accounts (if the other player is not playing them themselves). For this reason, this ban on secondary accounts extends to using those accounts.

    As you have pointed out Rhof, this Division relies a lot on trust. Unfortunately, we can't run it just on trust. That is why we have to set up a lot of explicit rules in our Code of Conduct. That is why we have to run admin mods in the background. That is why we have had to ban TOG players from the servers and some from TOG in the past. While it isn't a pleasant truth, I'm afraid it is the reality. This isn't an issue about you Rhof. This is simply what the Admin team have to handle.

    So this is largely a matter of considering the cost of the disadvantages versus the benefits of the advantages - i.e. will it add to the risk too much if we allow multiple accounts by default? I'm afraid but my answer is that the risk is too high. For admin reasons, I can't explain all the reasons why.

    An obvious question is what about those who have access to the accounts of others, as I mentioned above? Surely they can still be bad sports and misbehave? The simple answer is that a secondary account of your own can be set up to always be a potential sacrifice where you have no care about its future. Someone-else's account is a different matter. Not only would that be bad sportsmanship in the Division but they may get bad feedback from the owner of the account.

    So, yes, if everyone was good and wholesome and trustworthy, secondary accounts would fine, but in fact they raise the risk bar higher than we presently have.

    Now, I did mention in the first paragraph that there may be exceptions. This does not refer to using multiple accounts in standard gameplay. This refers to special occasions like events or special worlds or emergency situations because you can't access your standard account (or PC). Because of their special nature, we can't define these exceptions. They will handled by the Admin team on a case-by-case basis. Such permission will only be temporary, so it generally would not be granted to filming your own gameplay. If you wish to have such permission, send a PM to one of the Admin team at least a couple of days before the occasion if you can. I like to see things in writing that can be shared with the rest of the team, rather than just saying yes or no in-game.

    I hope that is clear.

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    I can well appreciate that the realities of administration must often trump a level of openness we might otherwise prefer to have, or that I would at least. Thanks for considering the request and for providing a definitive ruling that establishes a clear policy.
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    Nice write up, Sorontar. Appreciated here, too. :)

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