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    Hi everyone,

    I’m a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and looking to recruit some participants aged 30+ for a study on multiplayer games and ethics.

    So if you…

    1) Are aged 30 or over (the older the better lol)

    2) Play any kind of multiplayer digital game (i.e. games played on PC/Mac, console or mobile device that involves interaction with other human players)

    3) Can come to the University of Melbourne for an interview (not totally necessary, but preferable)

    … we want to talk to you!

    The study aims to learn more about what sorts of behaviours players find acceptable or unacceptable in digital games and why.

    It involves a 1 hour interview, and will be held at the University of Melbourne at a convenient time (you’ll also get some compensation! :D). Skype interviews are potentially possible for those outside Melbourne.

    If you’re interested, please contact Lucy at for more details, or just send me a message on here!

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