Steam PhantasyStar Online 2 F2P now on Steam

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    PSO2 is now on steam yes it now on steam ( downloading as i type )

    i been playing the microsoft store version and yes it it a fun mmo

    if your looking to find me i am on ship 1 i hang in room 1 mostly gate area

    about pso2 well its a 8 year old mmo that has ok grafics uses directx 9
    in the spring vs 2.0 gets released and that will be a mind blower a open world pso

    the game is 100% f2p but if you like storage or extra crafters then paying the monthly is good to on of the perks of p2p is you can zone into full rooms since they let p2p players into a extra slots say room 1 is full i can then be a extra person in that room

    they just added crafting to the game so that going to be nuts for a while
    you can decorate your homes if f2p 5 item max p2p 150 items
    if you do get the game with your first free GEMS 300 BUY THE GOLD PASS you will love it for x amount of days you get unlocks of cosmetic items and boosts ps they show 30 tiers but there really 35 the extra 5 only show up after you hit 30 and tend to be costumes

    WARNING THE GAMBLING IS ADDICTIVE 2 types of slots - Black jack - Roulette - and a shooter game - and yes these can be dailys

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