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Discussion in 'Overwatch (Public)' started by QueensKnight, Jun 4, 2016.

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    A couple of questions for those already in the know...

    1. Any reason to buy on a particular platform other than which platform your friends will be on?

    2. If you purchase on PS4 does it 'just work' with your PS account... or do you have to create a battlenet acount?

    3. If you purchase on PS4 does it require PSPlus? (Seems some new games don't require it anymore and not sure where this one falls.)

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    1. As far as I know there is no difference other than what you want to play with your friends on, and what you prefer.

    2. Pretty sure it works off your PS plus account. As in if you buy it on playstation it'll give you some amount of time (usually a couple of days) free then you have to PAY for your ps plus account etc.... all in all it's cheaper in the long run to go PC as unlike WoW there is no monthly sub etc for OW, it's just buy and play. :D

    3. Answered above, look it's really up to you what you're friends play etc, if you already have PS Plus for other games then it's not a big deal, however if you don't and don't want to have to pay sub to that... then I'd go PC version. (Bearing in mind I have NO IDEA how xbox system works for this, so might want to get someone else's opinion on xbox if you have one and are looking at that as a viable option.)
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    You do need PS Plus to play. My brother found that out the hard way as many games don't require it anymore, but he was able to find a $38 subscription for a year.

    It should just work off of your PS account, but if you want additional unlockables among blizzard games you can link a battlenet account. It is not required.

    It is definitely cheaper on PC (you can get the digital version from blizzard for $40), but if you do purchase for PS4 add me, x-1SOLDIER1-x. Usually 3 or 4 of us that group up most nights for a couple hours (all NA EST, usually ~8 or so to 11, maybe later on the weekends).

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