Original Xbox Resurrection

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    I hope no-one minds me putting this here. I'm always collecting and mucking about with old games - I have a decent C64, Amiga and DOS collection - but recently I came into possession of a large lot of original xbox games and decided to break the old girl out for a spin. There were trials and tribulations along the way, but ultimately I got her up and running again and I have ordered a few parts to perform an upgrade.

    Here's more info + some screenshots via my review site.

    https://belligerentoldergamers.blogspot.com/2019/09/original-xbox-project-resurrection.html (Belligerent Older Gamers: Original XBox - Project Resurrection)

    https://belligerentoldergamers.blogspot.com/2019/10/original-xbox-project-resurrection-part.html (Belligerent Older Gamers: Original Xbox: Project Resurrection - Part 2)

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