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    Hi all i just wanted to update you on our Offical location now that Domain selection has occureed and i am locked in.

    First kingdom is Ashlands
    we are a Hrothi Naren Dual tribe Kingdom.

    Second we are in the duchy of Sanctaphandri
    this is a Primary Naren Double duchy so quite large
    buttom most duchy defending the kingdoms southern approach by land and sea.

    And finaly DrakeMoore
    DrakeMoore is 4 counties in 2 seprate counties of 2.
    DrakeMoore my Seat and Drakeport my 2nd set of counties
    we are a farming county but also a major power in the east

    and here is the current makup of the county


    Most towns will be selected by my current mayors but there is alot of villages on offer for any mayors out there.

    well i glad to finaly show you where togs home will be on the NA-W server

    please use this link to view the domains for your self

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