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    The 5.3 update for Archeage has just been announced here for March 20th 2019 (PDT)

    REMINDER: The auction house will be closed around 48 hours before the update - so stock up on 'must have' items and resources and/or get ready to take advantage of temporarily high prices.

    [UPDATE] Times have now been confirmed. Estimated downtime is 5 hours:

    North American servers: 8 AM PDT here
    European servers: 1 AM UTC here

    [UPDATE] Patch notes are now available here.

    IMPORTANT: Gamigo ran some mini-events on a shiny new test server on 16 March, to encourage players to participate in specific testing. As a result of this preview, players reported there may be a 'windfall' opportunity to transfer or easily sell honour points due to the discontinuation of the Cryptic Lucky Scroll (replaced by the existing serendipity stones) - for example, buying these scrolls from the AH or using your alt's honour now, trading the scrolls to your main character and later converting back to honour points for them post-patch.

    Also, if you've been planning to buy any mounts or battlepets (including powerstone pets) for honour, prestige or loyalty, you might want to consider doing this before 20 March due to upcoming changes to these 'shops'. See patch notes for more details.
    The update also includes:
    • New Weapon Swap/Lock feature
    • Changes to Ancestral skills for Battlerage, Archery, Sorcery, Vitalism and Malediction plus tweaks to some existing skills
    • A Glider collection achievement, with gliders craftable with Manastorm Crystals
    • A new Hiram questline (with a new Owlina mount reward)
    • A new raid instance and a new dungeon: the raid plays through part of the Hiram backstory; the dungeon grants 'special Noryette accessories' as the reward for surviving waves of mobs and bosses
    • Red Dragon is now a raid instance, with changes to associated title, mechanics and drops
    • Changes to some daily quests (WHM dailies can now be completed in a raid - yay!)
    • Changes to Blue Salt Bonds merchants and daily quests; some crafting recipes will require Blue Salt Bonds
    • Revamp of the marketplace and associated 'shops'/npcs, including a new Gilda Star Merchant with Designs and Souls of Pets/Mounts including mounts that were only available from Loyalty Shop. Souls of Battle Pets and Powerstone Pets are added to the Arena Shop. Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm, Bound Superior Yellow Regrade Charm, and Serendipity Stone will be available from the Honor Shop.
    • Changes to food, potions, sport fishing (including increased rewards); ship components; pet/moount and glider crafting (a new item, Breath of Small Light, will be required to craft a pet/mount and requires a completed house for placement). Runescribe Quills currently in Prestige shop and Lunafrosts and Lunastones currently in the Loyalty shop will be craftable.
    • and more..
    [EDIT] 'Archeage 101' video guide to 5.3 update by Jahlon of Paradox Gaming Network here
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