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    :)oops: Sorry if this is a duplicate, I tried to 'search' for it in the forum to just add my 2 cents to it, but I couldn't find a thread on it.)

    Name: Moonlight Online
    Genre: Fantasy
    Style: MMO RPG
    Combat Style: Auto-attack with abilities
    Learning Curve: balanced
    Crafting: balanced
    PVP: voluntary
    Role-Playing: voluntary
    Leveling style: Level based
    Pop: moderate to heavy
    Stability: Some Server Lag in big cities
    Immersion: 8/10
    Graphic Quality: 7/10
    Sound Quality: 7/10
    Content Quality: 8/10
    Overall Rating: 8/10
    Brief Description: Moonlight Online is a fantasy RPG based on legends of werewolves and vampires. Your weapon levels up with you and you can transfer the soul of the weapon you’re using into one that you prefer, so you never loose upgrades. Each race (Human, Vampire, Werewolf) has different advantages over the others, ensuring no one race will dominate any other.
    It takes heavy cues from World of Warcraft in its interface and aesthetics.

    Players receive quests from non-player characters with exclamation marks over their head, attack enemies using a series of skills on a hotbar at the bottom of the screen, and unlock new skills as they level up.

    And as my son said when he saw me playing it over my shoulder, "A simple browser game should not be that involved or graphically appealing."
    Pros:+Weapons and pets level with you. +Detailed storyline and world. +Dynamic gameplay. +It's all in the browser. -Getting from one race's entry area to another's is rather easy so you can hook up with other race's rather easily.
    Cons: -It's attached to your Facebook account. -It's all in the browser.
    Other Comments: I'm loving it and it's free. Another good more involved review and movie of how it looks as well as a small gallery is at Moonlight Online Facebook Game -
    Payment options: Completely free/pay for enhancements using FB funds or cards
    Download Size: Register a Facebook account, and download a mini web player that supports the moonlight running. After a three or five minute loading, the game starts out with a race or class selection from dozens of combinations.

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