Mechwarrior Online - Due 2012 Free to Play (Premium)

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    MechWarrior Online | Support

    [​IMG] Q. Will MechWarrior® Online™ be PC exclusive?

    A. At this time we have no plans to take MechWarrior® Online™ to any other platforms.
    Q. What game engine is being used to develop the next MechWarrior® game?

    A. Look forward to a future announcement about our technology partners!
    Q. Will MechWarrior® Online™ be DirectX 11 compatible?

    A. The engine and our implementation will support DirectX 9, 10 and 11.
    Q. Any insight as to PC system requirements yet for MechWarrior® Online™?

    A. We currently do not have final PC system specifications.
    Q. When will we get more info on MechWarrior® Online™'s gameplay and release date?

    A. We will release information when it becomes available. We are going to be working closely with everyone in the community as well so information will be steady as we go through development. The exact release date is still to be determined but it will be in 2012!
    Q. What year is MechWarrior® Online™ taking place?

    A. MechWarrior® Online™ is running an offset timeline of the BattleTech® Universe. As of this writing it is 2011 and the year is 3048 within the game. In 2012, when the game is launched, it will be 3049.
    Q. Will MechWarrior® Online™ have Mech melee combat?

    A. At this point in time we are not looking at melee combat. We may revisit melee combat if we can design something that is fun and does not compromise the overall gameplay experience.
    Q. Will LRMs in MechWarrior® Online™ be guided or unguided?

    A. LRMs will be semi-guided. What the heck does that mean? You will be able to lock on to your target but it doesn't mean the actual missiles will home directly to the target. The chance of missing will still be part of LRM gameplay. Use of the Artemis IV system and subsequent munitions, will narrow the area of damage by focusing the flight paths of the missiles. We're finding that this is a good balance between gameplay and staying true to the BattleTech canon.
    Q. Will there be vehicular combat alongside Mechs for the players this time?

    A. At the moment we are not following up with combined arms (tanks, hovercraft, jets etc.)
    Q. Will I be able to fully customize my Mechs' load out, decals, paint job, and equipment?

    A. You will be able to customize your load out, decals, paint job and equipment. But when it comes to armor, weapons and accessories please refer to the previous question and answer.
    Q. Can I get out of the Mech?

    A. Will you be able to get out of the Mech? No. One of our gameplay design pillars is that we are putting you in the role of the pilot (MechWarrior®) in a first person perspective.
    Q. Will the Clans make an appearance or cameo?

    A. ;)
    Q. Can you list the Mech designs that will be included in the release?

    A. At this time we can confirm the Atlas, Hunchback, and Jenner. Other BattleMechs® will be revealed over the coming months.
    Q. Will the unseen Mechs make it into the game after all?

    A. Look forward to a future announcement.
    Q. Will MechWarrior have support for custom mapping joysticks/other input devices? (multiple device support?)

    A. We have partnered with some of the industry’s biggest hardware manufacturers and will be doing our best to support all types of joysticks and flight systems.
    Q. Will you offer a gradient of control schemes say from casual to simulation that alter play from FPS to robot?

    A. Yes we will. It is important to us that new players experience the fun of MechWarrior® Online™ right beside the seasoned veteran who need to control every aspect of the game.
    Q. Who will be the publisher of the new MechWarrior® Online™?

    A. We are proud to announce that MechWarrior® Online™ is being published by Infinite Game Publishing.
    Q. Will MechWarrior® Online™ have co-operative gameplay?

    A. This is something we wanted to implement, but right now we are going to focus on multiplayer only.
    Q. Will team play be a major part of MechWarrior® Online™, as described in the 2009 interview?

    A. Yes. A big yes in fact. Team play will be critical in combat as player roles and BattleMech builds will vary from player to player. Whether you play as a scout or as an assault type, it's completely up to you and each of the roles is very important to fill on the battlefield.
    Q. What are your plans for MechWarrior® Online™ multiplayer? Is it going to feel similar to other MechWarrior® games or new?

    A. MechWarrior® Online™ is going to be a hybrid of new and old gameplay. Some controls and features will be familiar to seasoned players while some gameplay features and mechanics will be completely new. We really want to design the game so that it feels like you're piloting a HUGE BattleMech® in an epic combat scenario.
    Q. Will you be able to switch from first-person to third-person views?

    A. The game is played from the first person. We’re exploring ways to have a third person camera that make sense from a gameplay point of view.
    Q. How loyal will MechWarrior® Online™ be to the tabletop rules (heat management, melee, armor penetration, etc.)?

    A. We are adhering very closely to the BattleTech® tabletop rules. Some mechanics in the tabletop version of the game do not translate well into a videogame and we are coming up with our own rule sets that mitigate these differences in an intuitive and fun manner.
    Q. Will you be able to pick what faction you play in MechWarrior® Online™?

    A. When you first create your pilot, you are going to have to align yourself with one of the Great Houses in the BattleTech® Universe. Each house will have its benefits and drawbacks and it will be up to you to read up on the house selection menu on which house you will pledge your allegiance.
    Q. Will players have the ability to form their own custom clans in MechWarrior® Online™?

    A. We're trying to be careful with the naming of some features in MechWarrior® Online™ and "clans" is one of them. Players will be able to form their own customized Mercenary Corporations (Merc Corps for short). These operate in the same way that the term clan refers to in other first person shooters. A better way of thinking about Merc Corps is as a "guild". Within the guild you can create Lances("parties") and join matches in that manner.
    Q. Will MechWarrior® Online™ have persistent character content such as leveling or upgrades?

    A. Yes. One of the customizations in MechWarrior® Onine™ is to train your pilot to suit your play style. Pilots will bring their efficiencies to whatever BattleMech® they get in.
    Q. Will MechWarrior® Online™ ship with a map editor or any other kind of Mod Support?

    A. At the moment we are not planning on shipping a map editor for the mod community. While this may seem unfortunate, the beauty of how our content delivery system works in a Free-To-Play environment is that we will be constantly pushing new content downstream to the player. This prevents the game from stagnating like a standalone product and also allows us to keep on top of quality control so you as a player get the best experience possible.
    Q. Will DLC be offered in the new MechWarrior® Online™ game?

    A. Not in the way that you imagine it. Content will be pushed to you via the game patcher. Once a patch has been applied, new game content is immediately available to you. Larger patches could be considered expansion packs but again, it's pushed to you the player at no cost.
    Q. Will MechWarrior® Online™ have any online persistency?

    A. Yes, this is where our plan for the Inner Sphere comes into play. All players in Merc Corps will be fighting for control over various border planets. The state of these planets is persistent.
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    You'll find me on Outreach, lookin' fer contracts. ;)
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    Free to play

    Sec let me check my wallet

    Yup I can afford this
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    I am soooo going to look at this when it's out
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    I'm so there

    ToG in Mechs = win :)
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    Well well well, three holes in the ground. Signups and reserved names are go.
    MechWarrior Online
    Looks. Freaking. Awesome.
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    signed btw
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    Awesome, will definitely be checking this out.
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    Just signed up for the Legendary pack.

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