MagicWorld Online (New F2P MMORPG)

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    Magic World Online - New Concept MMORPG - Free to Play -
    Magic World Online CB2 Starts! - - Enjoy MMORPG - Free to Download & Free to Play

    There are 4 Basic Classes that all have "Class Trees". You can choose to play an Archer,
    Warrior, Summoner, or Mage. Each of those 4 Classes can branch into 4 different classes,
    giving you a total of 16 classes. Your skills level up with your character, and spell
    books will unlock them.

    MWO features Mounts which will have random bonus attributes so you can keep raising/hatching
    them until you get that special one that you want to bring into adulthood.
    Mounts can gain special abilities and each has Hidden Attributes that can be unlocked as well.

    MWO is in it's Closed Beta 2 phase currently, BUT, there will be no more server wipes as
    advertised, so you will not lose your characters like in most CB's for MMORPGs.
    MWO is free to play for life and also free to download.

    MWO Robot, an Artificial Intelligence system that can free your hands while you are playing,
    and completely eliminate the use of all the illegal BOTs, thus making MWO one of the
    fairest MMORPGs in the world. On the other hand, the use of the MWO Robot does not mean
    that you do not need to work hard in the game any more. After all, the Robot is just a
    machine to ease your play time, and it was never meant to completely replace a real human being.
    If you work hard, use proper playing methods and some smart thinking, you can always level
    up faster and perform better than your Robot can. There are also thousands of quests that require you to perform
    and complete, that a Robot can not do for you.

    - Massive State war between Dynasty and Empire.
    - In-game Bot system that helps you level while you're away!
    - Moving Castle.
    - Renting your own house.
    - Video Chat.
    - Growing weapon that will upgrade with you.
    - Making the most romantic proposal and getting married in game.
    - Raising your own special mount from Juvenile stage to Adult.
    - Infinite weapons and armours.
    - 7 different living skills.
    - Official position for each state.
    - Multiple Class transfer.
    Magic World Online - New Concept MMORPG - Free to Play -

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