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Discussion in 'Pen and paper games' started by Warbear.Prime, Feb 3, 2019.

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    Hey all.

    I have a full time seat available in my Roll20 weekend game. Details below on the time etc:

    System: D&D 5e
    Time Zone: +10GMT (Brisbane, Australia)
    Day: Saturday
    Start: 7pm to 7:15 log in, 7:30 start
    Duration: 3 to 4 hours
    Voice: Discord (no mic, no play)
    Language: English

    I have a heavy narrative style, in a homebrew world, with some modified and updated rules. I have been playing for 35+ years now, and GMing for 25+ of that. These are my house rules, before asking to play, read these first: http://fracturedbear.com/tir-avalon-house-rules/

    Experience is not an issue, but wanting to be part of and drive a story driven game is your only requirement. This game runs for 2 weeks out of 4.

    ALSO: I am running a one shot this weekend at my usual game time, to see if possible players can fit into the game style we have. And if they the prospects like OUR style. If anyone wants to come along, let me know. For the one shot, PCs will be pre-made.

    5e / private Discord server / no video / mic required / English speaking playing on Roll20.

    Reply here or PM me your interest.

    You can also find me on the TOG Discord server as Warbear.Prime#2780.
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    Sorry I won't be able to join in but ...

    just reading this and your house rules has made me think of a party of "entertainers" based on the Spice Girls

    * Posh (Rogue) - wannabe singer and dancer, privately trained, talks the talk and networks well, upper class
    * Sporty (Fighter) - poor singer, dancer, athletic, street-savvy, specialised in hand-to-hand and improvised weapons
    * Baby (Bard) - singer, lutist, academy trained, young
    * Scary (Ranger) - singer (former bard), dancer, beast master?
    * Ginger (Cleric) - singer (trained to sing hymns and scripture), percussionist

    and they would have a manager:
    * Herbert Fullemsilf (Mage) - specialises in illusions and charms, no musical talent

    I haven't played D&D 5E so I don't know what races would be best, but probably would make Baby a halfling or dwarf, and Ginger something to work with the hair colour (and maybe skin colour). I am curious, what would you chose for your world? What nationalities and genders would you give them?

    Maybe one could be a gnome? [evil grin]

    who once thought up a series of Birthright scenarios based on the Beatles (Jan, Pawel, Jorge, Rikard)... yeah, my mind is twisted.
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