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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Roja, Feb 7, 2020.

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    Feb 7, 2020
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    Hello everyone, already a member of the WoW guild, and were told to come here and tell something about myself.
    So, here we go. Please don't mind my not-so-perfect english, since its my second language.
    1. What games are you currently play/looking to play with TOG?
    Currently, I'm in the WoW guild, and still figuring out what games I want to play with you all :)
    2. What was the first machine you played games on or pen and paper game you played?
    Can't remember the machine, but it was a PC nonetheless, at my dads friends house, at the fragile age of 3 or 4. The game i played was Quake, which the forementioned friend thought was fitting for a 4yo.
    3. Why do you want to join TOG?
    I want to join TOG to game with a more mature group, since the groups I've used to play with, are quite immature and overall childish in a way.
    4. Tell us about yourself or anything else you'd like to share.
    I am a finnish 25yo student. Started studying electrical engineering after spending a few years working as a electrician on the power grids and airlines. Now on my 2nd year of Bachelor's Degree, which is ~4 years here. I am also a enthusiastic motorcyclist, I own 2 bikes. One of which is a 600cc streetbike and the other one being a 400cc enduro. I served ~2 years in the finnish defence forces, 1 year as an conscript at Finnish Rapid Deployment Forces, after which I were in Lebanon as a peacekeeper for another year. I'm a Sergeant, for those interested. I also hit the gym around 4-5 times a week, and plan on competing in national bodybuilding in the future.​
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    Adelaide South Australia.
    Congratulations! You have past our stringent don't die before 25 application requirement and have made it into TOG.

    Keep in mind there is more here than the division for that flaky game you have signed up for. There are other flaky games which all have their own division and other things of wonder, joy and wtf.

    Public Forums (Philistines only or less then 25. Same thing)
    Member Forums (General chat, cat videos, VR, laboratories, Steam and Discord invites)
    Member News (If you have a mind like mine you just laughed)
    Simulation and Sports Divisions (This is for simulation and sports games!)
    Strategy, RPG and other Games (This is for err... Strategy, RPG and other Games)
    FPS (Brutal and horrific death. Lots of fun!)
    MMORPG (Also brutal and horrific death but sometimes ponies)
    Operations (The name you picked is stupid and you want to change it? Policies and stuff)
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    New Zealand
    Welcome to TOG Roja :D
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    Earth, for now
    Welcome onboard!

    :D S
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