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    Hello, my name is Andrew and I am the developer of Wintertide.
    I am attempting to reach out to a community and get some valuable feedback and converse with anyone who wants to about Wintertide.

    Wintertide is a team oriented action-multiplayer survival game that uses a first-person perspective. Players traverse across post-apocalyptic towns and lakeside cabins in the Rocky Mountains, surviving against freezing temperatures, hostile wildlife and a continuously changing hazardous environment. Players use firearms, improvised weapons and stealth in attempts to protect themselves against opposing players and hunger crazed animals. Wintertide offers a unique reincarnation feature that allows players to return from the dead as certain wildlife, dependent on their survival score at the end of their life..

    You can visit us at :


    Our kickstarter is currently running and you can check it out HERE

    And some more social links :

    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WinterTideTheGame/
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/wintertidegame

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