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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Alryxar, Apr 22, 2021.

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    Apr 22, 2021
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    Hello to all of you! The name is Alryxar in game, and Dan in real life. I am 34 and am in need of a place to call home away from home, good people to game with, and just have a little fun.

    A little about me I guess. I obviously love gaming, and recently built a new desktop that I am kind of proud of. I don't have too many other hobbies unfortunately because it seems all I do anymore is work, but such is life. I work as a Utility Locater in the U.S., and am currently working 50-60 hour weeks...yes it sucks, but at least I have Sunday off to sleep, haha.

    Anyway, I am playing Destiny 2 again and absolutely loving it. Hoping that I will be able to find some others to play with at some point in the near future.

    I hope that made sense...It's been a very long day here. I look forward to meeting you all soon!
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    Hello Alryxar and welcome.

    Congratulations! You have passed our stringent don't die before 25 application requirement and have made it into TOG.

    Keep in mind there is more here than the division for that flaky game you have signed up for. There are other flaky games which all have their own division and other things of wonder, joy and wtf.

    Public Forums (Philistines only or less then 25. Same thing)
    Member Forums (General chat, cat videos, VR, laboratories, Steam and Discord invites) ====> The Discord link is important as this is where most conversations take place
    Member News (If you have a mind like mine you just laughed)
    Simulation and Sports Divisions (This is for simulation and sports games!)
    Strategy, RPG and other Games (This is for err... Strategy, RPG and other Games)
    FPS (Brutal and horrific death. Lots of fun!)
    MMORPG (Also brutal and horrific death but sometimes ponies)
    Operations (The name you picked is stupid and you want to change it? Policies and stuff)

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    Apr 18, 2021
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    Hi Dan!
    Welcome from another relative newcomer (though old in years and bones). Sounds like your working too hard - but then again I remember doing the same thing at your age (smile). A utility locator? I have no idea what that is (but then I'm in the UK!) but it obviously keeps you busy. I came here to find folk who know how to chill and enjoy online gaming rather than give themselves a heart attack! Warzone is my thing at the moment but I've hear of Destiny II and it's a fine game by all accounts. One game I really, really played to death years ago was 'Painkiller!' - wow what a game, still have it and play it every other year for a week or three... Some games just become part of your DNA I guess...

    Don't work tooooo hard - and hope you find others on here to play Destiny II with...speak soon...Mike
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    Hello Alryxar and welcome to TOG mate.
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    Welcome aboard Alryxar :D
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