I am over D&D.

Discussion in 'Pen and paper games' started by Kazairl, Mar 21, 2022.

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    Howdy folks.

    Brisbane gamer here. I want to play something rich and deep, and am looking for people to do it with.

    I played Vampire the Requiem as a LARP for many years; but since then all the D&D games I have played have felt shallow and empty. I would love to play something Scifi or Cyberpunk on discord, but honestly I would be happy to DM a Chronicles of Darkness game, if anyone is interested.

    I am interested in exploring the dregs of society. Playing as a badass from the outset doesn't interest me anymore. I want to explore how the desperate and the needy deal with the supernatural and extreme. Desperation and addiction are far bigger enemies than ghouls and goblins.

    Pls get in touch if this interests you.
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    Hello @Kazairl

    Branching out from D&D is fun.

    First, it sounds like part of your desire is to get out of D&D standard fantasy settings. You can do that with a bunch of games. I would recommend taking a look at Savage Worlds. You can use Savage Worlds to play fantasy settings like D&D, but you can also use it for other settings, including modern and futuristic settings. Check it out. There are lots of systems that cover settings beyond the D&D standard fantasy setting.

    Second, it is also possible part of your desire is to reduce the power level of the characters. There are certainly systems that specifically do this. You may find that Savage Worlds also satisfies your desire on this question, at least at lower "levels" of power. But, Savage Worlds does allow characters to become very strong as characters advance. Lots of what are now called "old school" games assume high lethality. The characters are not expected to be able to stand up against every opponent. Tactics become important, parleying with various factions becomes important, etc. If that is something you desire you should look into some of these old school games. This can mean going back to actually old games, like red box D&D, or to retroclones. You can also go to new games that are in the 'old school' vein. These vary from being relatively closely targeted to an original (old) game to being a modern game that creates some degree of the feel of those original (old) games. (To be fair, I should also note that D&D 5e can also be played in a way that starts to look like this. For example, don't use feats. It just requires the person running the game to make choices that support that goal.)

    Third, do you use Fantasy Grounds? I recommend you check it out. I've been playing on Fantasy Grounds for over 15 years. (Technically, I started playing on the first FG software and now play on the current software, Fantasy Grounds Unity.) It allows folks to play online. Generally, groups I play with use discord for voice chat. (Sometimes also for video chat depending on the group.) Fantasy Grounds is great. There are other solutions for playing online, but FG is my suggestion. Check it out. You can obviously also check out the other options.

    Playing online lets me play with groups of people from all over the world. And I've played with people in ongoing weekly groups on every continent except Antarctica. It's fantastic.

    I hope that this is helpful. You may have known all of this already, but it wasn't clear from your post.
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    Hey mate, I'd like to recommend Blades in the Dark for an awesome system. I believe there's a "RPGs that are not DnD" brisbane based Facebook and discord group.
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