How to get Server Bans lifted

Discussion in 'Contact TOG' started by Ulric, Dec 7, 2008.

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    First of all please do not create a thread in the contact TOG area.

    If you are requesting a game server ban to be lifted, please PM the relevant Division Captain with the following information: Your player name, UserID, Server name, Game Title, and any other relevant information. This is for Game server bans only.

    If you are looking for a ban to be lifted from the greater TOG community, you'll need to contact one of the TOG administrators.

    If you do post in this forum please be advised that your post will be closed until such time as the Division Captain sees the post & actions your request. Additionally as this is not a forum for requesting bans to be lifted, it may not get noticed for some time.

    The list of current Divisional Captains can be found here: Staff List

    The TOG Moderator Team
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