HarmonQuest! - live RPG done right.

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    Xerxer's post about Dorkness Rising reminded me about Dan Harmon's efforts in the RPG visual media department.

    If you haven't already seen it you should all definitely check out Dan Harmon's HarmonQuest!

    The first episode is freely available on youtube, but sadly the others are owned by the streaming company SeeSo which is US only (though VPN's can solve that issue).

    That said, I am pretty sure that you could probably easily watch the whole series within the month's free trial. Or I am sure if you looked hard enough you could find alternative means of watching it.

    Either way it's easily the funniest take I have seen on the live performance style RPG sessions and highly recommended to any gamer.

    I tried to embed it but it just game me an error.. so here is the youtube URL instead.

    HarmonQuest - Episode 1 - "The Quest Begins" - YouTube

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