Hardest or most frustrating achievement/trophy you've earned - or not

Discussion in 'Console Talk (Public)' started by ViN, Sep 28, 2011.

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    So I have finnaly got around to playing the Halo Reach campaign ( on legendary) and im going for the "If they came to hear me beg" achievement, needless to say, after 3 hours of attempts im slightly pissed off.
    So know i wanna know whats the hardest acievement/ trophy you have got to pop, or others which have remained elusive.

    For me it would be -
    Mile High Club - COD 4 - earned
    If the came to hear me beg - Halo Reach - FFS
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    I love going for the trophies.

    What I find annoying, is when you have to rely on others online. Example - Little Big Planet - make a level that gets "hearted" by 50 players. Or make a level with 3 other friends. Makes it very hard to get that Platinum trophy!!!
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    X4: agreed.

    NFS:Hot Pursuit, the "Biteback" trophy.

    That's one where you have to beat a "friends recommendation" (ie, a course that a friend has done quicker than you) in a particular vehicle. Problem is, that vehicle is the top-of-the-range one (ie, last to be unlocked), and I've already done the courses where that car can be used.
    So I have to have a friend who has (a) unlocked all the vehicles (b) bettered my time on one of the few courses that car can be used on (AFTER I've already done it), then (c) do it faster than them yet again.

    Yes, it's irking me.

    (edit: X4, I've just realised you're one of my NFSHP friends anyway :D)
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