Hallowtide event 15-29 Oct 2020 / free items

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    Hallowtide event

    The Hallowtide event returns to both Legacy and Unchained servers for 2020, with a collection of rewards from past years including manastorm (1 for 10 tokens) the popular Windwraith Pipes and Sylvas Nocturne costume pieces. Further details here.

    Hallowtide event guide

    Start by taking the portal in your Hero Hall to the Sylvina Hot Springs in Solis, also accessible via portal at the Two Crowns Arena.

    In Solis, take the quest near the portal then head south-east across the pool towards the large tents, where you will find more quest npcs and a Travelling Merchant daru, who can sell you Blue Salt Knives the pumpkin carving activity at the nearby workbench. Once you have carved your pumpkin decoration, continue southeast to pick up a temporary Racing Snail mount for the 'Candy Hunter' quest (1 token). Use the snail's 'Sniff' skill to locate 3 purple candy bags scattered around the hot springs, while heading towards the final npcs located uphill, near another large tent and a large pumpkin.

    1. If you pick up yellow or azure candies, use them on your snail to increase its speed.
    2. You can complete the Sylvia Hot Springs exploration point by crossing the geyser near the finish line.
    After handing in your quests to the npcs near the finish line (1 token), take the nearby portal to the Two Crowns Arena to hand in your carved pumpkin decoration (1 token) and light 3 lanterns (1 token + 3 temporary candy combat buffs), for a total of 4 tokens.

    For additional tokens, attend the timed 'Candy Toss' event which occurs in the Arena three times daily: exactly 5 hours before reset; at reset; and 5 hours after reset. The event supposedly lasts for 15 minutes but it is advisable to be there at the beginning when the quest npc appears. After taking the quest and touching the stone, you will be offered the 'Candy Toss' quest. This involves 'picking up candy' by interacting with nearby pumpkins on the ground, and 'tossing' it, by targeting one of two larger pumpkins on poles. After the large pumpkins are full, collect your reward from one of the two coffin chests at their base.

    Tips for the timed 'Candy Toss' event:
    1. Ensure you pick up the second quest from the npc after touching the soulstone.
    2. 'Candy Toss' participants are automatically assigned to one of two teams but it is not always clear which team you're on. If you are unable to interact with the candy pumpkins, move to the other team's area.
    3. If you are unable to receive any reward for the 'Candy Toss' event, abandon it. A failed quest still in your quest log will prevent you from re-accepting it.

    Free Lunagem Carver x 5

    Visit the Marketplace in both Legacy and Unchained before 12 November 2020 to claim a free gift of 5 Lunagem Carvers (choose carefully - limit of one set per account, bind on pickup). These are new items that allow you to change the attribute of specific, already-slotted lunagems.

    See table here for details of which Gem Carvers can be used to change the various types of Lunagems slotted in various pieces.

    (Unchained only) Free Diligence coins

    Log into your Unchained account via Glyph to claim a free Halloween Gift - Diligence Coin x50. Offer expires November 3rd at 12:00 PM UTC and does not apply to 'Free trial' accounts.

    Official announcement here.
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