Great Casual Explaination : What is D&D?

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    I only use the standard D&D character sheet when I initially create my character. Then I transfer the data to a created Google Sheet...I want everything about my character on 1 page which is online and easy to change. I leave areas on the page which will change every be filled in by pencil when I print it out. I created all my spells on small cards that I print out and put in 3x3 (9 total) pocketed card protector binder insert. I like minimum fuss when I play the game....I like to focus 50-50 between Roleplay and Exploration/battle.

    Mordak's Sheet (8th level Paladin): (Mordak Half-Orc Paladin)

    Spells...image files are really big .bmp files so when they are shrunk down by the printer to fit on a page, they are really high resolution and sharp text/graphics!
    Attack Spells:
    Defense/Healing Spells:

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    It was still seen as "satanic" when i played (for a short while). Oh the 80's, how innocent. Have played some solo adventures for red box then onto 3.5(collected plenty of pdfs over the years). Playing as a an adult and seasoned rpg adventurer is alot different than as a kid. Still, a barbarian in a rage with a critical hit is a thing of beauty.

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