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    If you are intending to play on GameArena SOF2 servers, check out GA SOF2 FAQ for up to date information.

    You need the following patches/updates when you are playing on GA servers:
    - Patch 1.3 Gold
    - COGS
    - OSP client
    - ICS
    - GA Mappack

    ICS problems
    cg_setinitialsnapshot invalid g2 pointer for client

    As SOF2 auto-makes you an ICS config based on your SOF2 config:

    1. move or rename your sof2mp.cfg in, /Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix/base/mp/

    2. delete your sof2mp.cfg in your /ics directory

    3. start ICS directly with a shortcut (windows) or with the correct command line syntax (linux) set fs_game ics...

    This will create a new ICS sof2mp.cfg that is not based on any config data in your original sof2mp.cfg from /mp/ that may have junk in it from other mods, config tweaks etc.

    After the above steps you can move your original sof2mp.cfg back to your /mp directory and have all your old settings work in SOF2, but will have to rebuild your binds for ICS manually...

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